May 31, 2010

Moments of the Day courtesy of "A Twisted Fairytale"

song of the day::
"I Go Back" by Kenny Chesney.

taste of the day::
Wonton Chicken Taco's from Applebees. So delicious and kind of reminds me of Summer.

quote of the day::

pleasure of the day::
Exercise followed by a "Sex and the City"-like lunch and baking out in the sun.

peeve of the day::
An awkward sun-burn and money spending.

achievement of the day::
Exercise which will hopefully motivate me to exercise more!

surprise of the day::
Getting set up against my knowledge

anticipation of the day::

procrastination of the day::
Going to work as I left at the last possible minute.

crush of the day::

inspiration of the day::
News Anchor. I always like working with new anchors as they always give me different insight to the industry.

awkward moment of the day::
Getting set-up against my knowledge.

love of the day::

dream of the day::
That someday I will be in front of the camera as opposed to being behind it.

stalked of the day::
New people via Facebook.

word of the day::

laugh of the day::
Justine scarring poor little Taylor for life by slicing a Spruce Bug in half right in front of the 3 year old's eyes.

flashback of the day::
When the Spruce Bug's head and antennas crawled half way across the deck in front of our very eyes and scarred us for life.

nauseous moment of the day::

happy moment of the day::
Knowing that you're doing a good job in your chosen industry and that there is definitely potential for further opportunities.

mood of the day::

obsession of the day::
The sun, fudgesicles, long conversations, and a crave for exercise!

May 14, 2010

New Job

So, I've been at my new job as a camera-"wom"an for 2 weeks now.
I work about 5 days a week until midnight each night. It's not too fun.
Good thing I love the job otherwise I would probably hate my life.
Regardless, I am really lucky to have gotten this job because it is going to look so good on my resume and hopefully will make me more qualified to work in Toronto <3.

Other than that my life is not very exciting lately. I work every night and lay in my bed everyday. The most exciting part of my life is the Vampire Diaries Finale. So intense.

Quote of the day: "Like one time i was so lazy after work that i literally just slept in my work uniform"

May 5, 2010

It's Time to Appreciate Life.

It's nice to know when things are finally looking up.
It's nice to know that you have your friends when you feel that there is really no one else.
It's nice to have deep discussions with people about the struggles of life.
It's SAD to know that we judge people when we really don't know where they are from or what they have been through.
It's nice to know that when you know these things, you can be there for them in ways you weren't able to before.
It's nice to have multiple close friends new and old.
It's nice to make new best friends.
It's nice to have a nice balance between friends and family.
It's nice to get excited over a TV show with your friends.
It's nice to have a new job and feel like you're actually doing okay.
It's nice to go out past midnight.
It's nice to stay up until 5 am laughing and talking with your girlfriends.
It's nice to know that you always have someone to talk to.
It's nice to be able to wake up at 12 and not worry about being late for work.
It's nice to know that you are making good money while still sleeping in until 12.
It's nice to have something to look forward to.

...And these are all of the nice things about my weekend/week so far. :)