January 31, 2011

Oh, Hai PMS!

I see you've decided to pay me a visit.

I swear, this isn't my real personality.

It's that little demon that's decided to enter my life monthly!

Holla! It's cramp week, my friends!

Ohhh the anticipation! Is it going to be as bad as last month, where I literaly saw my life flash before my eyes?

I guess only time will tell.

Oh, did I mention that my building is painting a door and the fumes are extremely powerful?
I've gotta admit that I feel a little loopy.

And sort of nausious.

January 25, 2011

I couldn't have done it without you.

Let's just say from February to September... I didn't know who I was.

I lost myself. I never thought I'd find myself again. It was terrible.

I would never wish those dark feelings upon anybody because at the time, it felt like I'd never feel happiness again. I never thought I'd get any better.

But you know what? I did. And I couldn't have made it to where I am now without my friends, my new found love, a supportive family, and of course delicious food! :)

The Class That Kicked My You Know What.

I've never in my entire life done so much activity that I almost threw up.
That my stomach literaly could not handle the intensity.

Well last night, that changed.

Have you ever done a bosu ball class or workout in some way?

Well let me tell you a little story:

Last week, my friend and I were waiting for our Zumba class to begin and we saw another class previous to ours doing an ab workout on a Bosu Ball. Us being the smart people we are, assumed it was a simple ab strengthening class and decided to join next week BEFORE zumba.

So, last night we attended this Bosu Ball class excited to work out our abs. Little did we know, the entire class was the cardio nightmare from hell!

Cardio mixed in with intense toning and strengthening of every single muscle in your entire body.

Let's just say it kicked my ass. It kicked my ass hard. Really hard.

I almost threw up. I'm not joking. I had to take a deep breath in order to avoid an insta-puke.

It was the most intense work out I have ever had.

And you know what? I might just do it again.

January 21, 2011

Give Me The Summer!

For all you bloggers who I follow who live in Arizona or Utah etc...let me just tell you a little bit about where I live.

I live in this little place in Northern Ontario that only has warmth and summer for about 4 months. It's awful.

So you can imagine how excited I am for May...June...July...August to arrive.

There's so much that I love about summer.

Whether it's going to camp and just being outside enjoying the warm weather...

...or sitting at the end of the dock when it's dark out and just staring up at the stars...

...Saunas, jumping in the lake, peeing in an outhouse :)...

...walking the dogs in shorts and a tank...

...sitting outside by the pool enjoying a good summer read...

...road trips...

gas station stops...

Oh gosh, the list could go on and on...

January 20, 2011

Yes, I'm still alive!

Just ridiculously busy.

So recently, I joined a gym. A very expensive gym. Kind of by accident. (yeah right).

So I've been doing that  (this includes Zumba!)

Also, I've been putting in a lot of extra hours at work. You see, I'm directing this really big video project so I've been working days AND nights.

I really haven't had a lot of time for a life of any kind. At least my health is decent.

If you don't include all the junk food I've been eating. Ugh. At least it's balanced with this new found physical activity.

Peace out! ;)

January 14, 2011

I just wish that some people would look up at the examples of others and take it into consideration for themselves.

This world would be such a better place if there were less followers and more leaders.

January 12, 2011

Dark Mornings

There's this certain feeling I get when I first wake up in the early morning.

This feeling when my house is quiet-almost too quiet.

When everything is dark and any world outside of my four walls doesn't seem to exist.

I actually quite like the feeling.

Although, it does make it hard for me to get up and get ready for work.

I guess I just love the feeling of dark and quiet.

But when I step into the cold, brisk air of winter to get into my little white truck...that feeling goes away. And it's like it was never there to begin with.

And all of a sudden,

the world exists again.

January 11, 2011


I've discovered such a fun way to get in shape!


Have you heard of it?

It's fantastic. It is so much fun and doesn't even feel like working out.

It even made me realize that I have hips and I can really shake em!

Is this a start to a whole new sexy Jessica?

Wow-Another great way to embrace my curves!

I even invested in a membership!!! The gym is beautiful!

Wow-I feel healthier already!

Note to Self

Don't be so sensitive.

It will ruin you.

New Years Resolution?

January 7, 2011


And you play it coy,
but it's kinda cute,
when you smile at me you know exactly what you do.

Don't pretend
you don't know it's true,
cuz I can see it when I look at you.

Two Hours of Cardio

So the other night, I busted my bones with 2 hours of high intensity cardio.

I'm sure you have all heard of "Dancing with the Stars"?

Well, I bought one of their workout DVD's the other day and shredded it up. I'm sure if anybody walked in on me exercising to this DVD, they'd probably disown me out of their life because I'm sure I did not look sexy...which is what you are supposed to look like. But of course me being completely uncordinated, I failed at this.

Immediately after, me and my sister, Jill, played about an hour of Just Dance 2 on all the "3 and 3" difficulty settings. It was ridiculous.

Suprisingly, I was NOT sore the next day.

Oh-Please make sure I work out at least 4 times a week. I'd really like to focus on my health this year and this requires regular exercise and healthy eating habits (which I already do pretty well at).


Worst Night Ever and Abigail Breslin

I'm pretty sure that last night's cramps could compare to giving birth to a 12 pound child.

I didn't know pain like that existed for my time of the month.

Have you seen Little Miss Sunshine? I love Abigail Breslin. She's just the cutest thing?

Wouldn't you agree?! :)

January 4, 2011

Work Those Curves, Guuuuurl!

You know,

I used to feel pretty insecure,

About my body, everything.

I would reference to old, sad posts...but I deleted them in the high hopes to start off fresh! To start my life on a happier note!

At one point, I used to think that you HAD to be a size 5 and under to look good. And while, girls who ARE sizes 5 and under are more than beautiful, I didn't realize that if you were over that size and had big hips and a ghetto boot-ay, large thighs, etc. you could also look, well, great.

It took so much for me to realize this. I think the main way was through finding genuine happiness.

...If you aren't happy with life, chances are you aren't going to be happy with your body.

Some things that have helped me overcome my body issues? I have an amazing boyfriend who makes me feel so beautiful everyday. He's constantly complimenting my curves. And you know what? That makes me feel really good.

But of course, you don't need a boyfriend to make you feel good.

Have you ever seen the show:

"Keeping Up with the Kardashian's?"

Kim Kardashian-

Gurl has a body.

Desperate Housewives?

Eva Longoria-

Your hips are inspirational!

These two ladies have really helped me look at the "Hollywood/Model" image in a whole other way. I look at these two gorgeous women and see how my body is very similar to theirs.

And of course, the acceptance of myself. I think that is what has helped me the most.

Never again will I think that curveless is the only way to be beautiful.

I really love my curvacious figure. I do. And like I said, it's taken me a long time to realize this.

So thanks to everybody and everything that has allowed me to finally accept myself. I really do appreciate you.

I Blog For Me-Positive Energy.

Happy New Year everybody!

I forsee a great year ahead.

I've also decided to stop posting my blog link on facebook for my own personal reasons.

I really appreciate my stat number from readers through facebook, but I blog for me. I blog to make myself happy. And if people still want to track down my blog and read it, I would love that. It would mean so much to me to see a high stat number without posting to facebook.

One of my New Years resolutions is to be happy and remain happy and I can't be happy with negative comments.

I need to push out negativity and embrace positivity because that's all that matters. I am definitely a firm believer in outruling the negative (which is sometimes inevitable) with the positive.

Happy 2011! May your new year be full of positive energy, happy thoughts and healthy choices!