January 25, 2011

The Class That Kicked My You Know What.

I've never in my entire life done so much activity that I almost threw up.
That my stomach literaly could not handle the intensity.

Well last night, that changed.

Have you ever done a bosu ball class or workout in some way?

Well let me tell you a little story:

Last week, my friend and I were waiting for our Zumba class to begin and we saw another class previous to ours doing an ab workout on a Bosu Ball. Us being the smart people we are, assumed it was a simple ab strengthening class and decided to join next week BEFORE zumba.

So, last night we attended this Bosu Ball class excited to work out our abs. Little did we know, the entire class was the cardio nightmare from hell!

Cardio mixed in with intense toning and strengthening of every single muscle in your entire body.

Let's just say it kicked my ass. It kicked my ass hard. Really hard.

I almost threw up. I'm not joking. I had to take a deep breath in order to avoid an insta-puke.

It was the most intense work out I have ever had.

And you know what? I might just do it again.

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