January 7, 2011

Two Hours of Cardio

So the other night, I busted my bones with 2 hours of high intensity cardio.

I'm sure you have all heard of "Dancing with the Stars"?

Well, I bought one of their workout DVD's the other day and shredded it up. I'm sure if anybody walked in on me exercising to this DVD, they'd probably disown me out of their life because I'm sure I did not look sexy...which is what you are supposed to look like. But of course me being completely uncordinated, I failed at this.

Immediately after, me and my sister, Jill, played about an hour of Just Dance 2 on all the "3 and 3" difficulty settings. It was ridiculous.

Suprisingly, I was NOT sore the next day.

Oh-Please make sure I work out at least 4 times a week. I'd really like to focus on my health this year and this requires regular exercise and healthy eating habits (which I already do pretty well at).


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