December 30, 2010

Dear 2010,

You weren't the greatest year.

To be honest, in the beginning, I didn't like you very much at all.

You gave me grief. You gave me sadness. You gave me insecurities.

And to be honest, you tore me down and made me feel well, hopeless.

But you know those people or songs or things that (I guess because you don't know), you don't really like them at first? But then they just sort of... grow on you?

Well, 2010, I think you were like that.

I think you kind of rubbed off on me, and you know what?

You didn't turn out so bad.

I'm glad I can welcome your friend 2011 without judgement and with a happy face.

2011... I can't wait to meet you.

December 29, 2010

A Story Book Post!

I hope everyone's Christmas was just wonderful!

Mine sure was.

Definitely one of the best Christmases I've had in a long, long time.

It was spent with all of the people I care about, eating way too much and even getting some lovely gifts.

Actually, I kept getting distracted as I was opening my own gifts to watch my family open up the presents I gave to them. I just get so excited!

I must admit, I'm very sad that Christmas is over.

Next big thing: New Years!

Oh, New years is going to be so exciting!

I already have my entire evening planned out! I'm not going to bother stating what the events are though. All I know, is it will be tons of fun!

Not to make this post a 300 page novel or anything but...

I've discovered the BEST game!! It's just marvelous!


Have you played it?

It's pretty much the greatest game ever. It's fun and it's a work out. Bye bye gym and hello Wii games! Who knew, right?

And the last update in my life (if you have a queezy stomach don't read any further):

I puked twice last night. :( Like...really? What is happening to my body? I woke up feeling just fine this morning after my little evening escapades last night but now I feel terrible again. I'm supposed to go for lunch today too....water and a cruton anyone?!

Have a wonderful day.

I'll try and feel better...

Don't you worry about me... :(

December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

I hope everyone has just a wonderful Christmas with all of their loved ones!

I'm excited to:

Spend time with my family.

Eat way too much.

Open gifts.

Watch people open up the gifts I've given them.

Look at all the pretty Christmas lights.

Watch more Christmas Specials!

Feel wonderful! :)


December 23, 2010

Changes to the Blog

I made some changes to my blog.

It has a clear template with a new title.

A shout out to Stephan who made it for me. I really appreciate it! Thanks!!

You Are The Best Thing That's Ever Been Mine

I want to drive without a plan.

Stop at a lake and look out into the horizon.

Take pictures in front of street signs.

Count the license plates from different provinces and states.

Eat at diners.

Stop on the side of the road to look at Moose, Deer and Bears.

Share short kisses.

Listen to Taylor Swift.

Share long kisses.

Sleep at a tiny Hotel.

Have no idea where we are.

End up somewhere completely random and maybe feel a little scared.

Remember that I have no reason to feel scared.

I want to drive without a plan...

December 22, 2010

Isn't It Funny?

...the way life works out? The thoughts you had a long time ago but weren't able to act on them somehow managed to form into something amazing?

I really am a firm believer in everything happens for a reason. I like it that way.

Wow, am I on a feel good high, or what? I can't think of a single bad thing in my life right now. It's such a great feeling.

December 20, 2010


Is it gross that I ate taco time two days in a row?


New Years Resolution: Zumba, Gym Membership, Healthy Eating Habits.


I think not.

Christmas Town

You know the typical "Christmas Town"?
The one that is featured in movies such a "A Christmas Carol"?

Like a little village with little children running around in hats and groups singing Christmas Carols from house to house?

I saw this ornament the other day in Zellers and I got so emotional about it. (Really?)

It sort of looked like this (It wasn't this but sort of) and I just loved it ( I really should have boughten it):

A Christmas Thank You

I bet many of you didn't know that I sing.
I was in a recital last night. A Christmas Recital. I watched the many different faces go up and perform and personally, I thought everyone did a pretty amazing job... I didn't even do half bad! Who would've thought?!

The stage was beautifully decorated with lights and gifts and pine and as I listened to this lovely singer tell the story of a Christmas tale, I thought...
Am I ever happy.

And I don't mean just "content". I mean, honestly, and seriously happy. Like I'm excited for no reason. I want to shout from the rooftops about all the great things in my life.

And what better time for this to happen then around the Christmas holidays. It's always nice to feel truly happy on Christmas day, and to be honest, it's been a couple of years.

So Merry Christmas and thanks to everyone in my life who makes me smile on a regular basis.

You Rock, Don't Ever Change. ;)

December 17, 2010

This Is One Of My Favorite Things

I really don't have much to say... I really don't have anything to talk about.

However, I will say this one thing that I thought about today:

I was on my "Dashboard" checking to see who's updated their blogs recently, and realized that I kind of get ridiculously excited when my fave bloggers post. I love reading what they have to say. Their posts always manage to brighten up my day, even if my day is already bright. Their new words fill me with laughter, deep thought, sadness, and relief.

I love my blog list.

So, if you notice that I follow you, thanks for brightening up my day. :)

December 16, 2010

I think it's about time to take that festive Christmas light drive to view all the beautiful houses who haven't lost the Christmas Spirit.

December 15, 2010

Wouldn't it be nice?

...If we could please everyone? If our decisions could make everyone happy?

Well unfortunately, this is impossible and it seems that no matter what I do, someone gets hurt.

Wouldn't it be nice though?

December 14, 2010

BRIGHT BRIGHT spirits! A "never been happier" Post for all you CYNICS out there!

I just have such a wonderful feeling in my stomach.

Something I'm not sure I've really felt before?

I just feel so excited about my life and the place I'm in right now. I'm excited for the things that I'd like to do but have no official plans.

For example, this Christmas. I'm excited to feel genuinly happy with all of those I care about throughout the Holidays. Something about Christmas just feels so much better when you are happy with yourself and aren't putting on some sort of act.

Also, I'm excited for the Summer. There's nothing better than taking a road trip. And you know what I'd like to try? Being spontaneous and just driving. Having no plans on where I'm going but just...driving. As far as I want in whatever direction I want. Doesn't that just seem fabulous?

Also tentative vacations. Tentative vacations are fantastic.

Chicago for Easter will be lovely!

I just love life!!! Being happy is great.

However if this cold persists...It might take away from my Christmas Spirit...just a little.

December 13, 2010

Thanks For Making This Winter Bearable

Dear Anyone Who's Listening,

I'm not a big fan of the crisp winter air,
but it's not so bad when you have someone to keep you warm.

Candy Cane Hot Chocolate and Ginger Bread Latte's help a little too.


December 9, 2010

Sappy Christmas Post!

I woke up this morning feeling so incredibly happy.

I think it's the honest Christmas spirit that I haven't felt in the past few years. You know that feeling where everything is just warmer and brighter?

That feeling where you just want to stand in the middle of the street when it's dark and look up at the street light where the snowflakes are briskly falling down inside the orange-ish glow?

Where you want to watch Christmas movies and listen to Christmas music every single day until the 25th?

When your family drives you nuts but you'd love nothing more than to spend a little bit of quality time with them each day because Christmas just...does that?

That feeling where you don't know what to ask for for Christmas because you already feel like you have everything you need?

Yes I love this feeling. The feeling of honest Christmas Spirit.

December 8, 2010

Record Breaking


I'm pretty sure I've broken some kind of record on how often a person can get sick in a year.

Last night, I realized that my throat was feeling a bit scratchy and LOW AND BEHOLD today, my throat is killing me and I'm all congested.

Is it possible that I have a cold AGAIN? What is that? Like the 272nd time this year?

I have a Christmas Recital coming up that I'm singing in on the 19th and I'm super excited about it...PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE for the sake of CHRISTMAS don't let me be sick!!!!!!!

December 7, 2010

Love Life.

I've noticed that a big theme in my posts are how to stay happy from once being so sad and factors that brighten my day in general.

Life is pretty smooth sailing right now. I really don't have anything to complain about, only things to rave about!

So here's to happiness, good friends, boyfriends, hilarious family, delicious food and seasons greetings!


Sorry're a part of my life, you're a part of my blog. DEAL WITH IT ;). hehe.


Oh.... and isn't this dog just the cutest thing you ever did see?

December 2, 2010

Things I'd Like To See In The Near (or Semi-Near) Future.

I've just been so excited about life lately. What comes next for me?

Oh, I know!

How about taking a 2 week vacation and driving to...who knows? Just take a car and keep those wheels spinning with a little cash in my pocket. Maybe I'll end up in New York? Maybe I'll end up in Los Angeles? Maybe P.E.I? I don't know. And I don't want to know! That's the adventure!

All while continuing to work here in the Bay, and buy a car and a cute little house and settle down in a place that actually isn't so bad.

Or packin' up my stuff and moving to the big city (what big city? I'm not sure) and kickin' it up in the big leagues for however long it takes.

Perhaps get a good job amongst the city lights and tall buildings.

Go somewhere hot, go somewhere green, go somewhere blue, go somewhere polluted, go somewhere snowy. Go everywhere!


I want to do so much! What do you want to do?

December 1, 2010

Happy December 1st

I woke up this morning in a great mood. I went to bed at 9 PM last night and felt well rested and ready to go!

I felt even better when I discovered that it was December 1st. The way I discovered this festive piece of information?

My Step Mom and her pure lovelyness when it comes to Christmas and festivities and happiness!!!! I don't know where she found the time to do this but instead of getting an advent calender for us 4 kids (I'm aware I'm 21, thank you very much, but no one is ever too old to celebrate the Holiday season!) she decided to make us 24 teeny gift bags with a different gift in it each day. Isn't that the cutest thing you've ever heard?! And to be honest, I hate the cheap chocolate in the advent calenders anyway.

Even better, this holiday season is bringing so much happiness to my life! There are just so many great things to be happy about. I honestly can't think of one thing to bring me down? How wonderful is that?!

I love being excited! :)

So Happy December 1st everyone! Hope your season is...."Triumphant and Joyful?" :)