June 30, 2011

Are you kidding me? That day and night of shooting was one of my favorite experiences. I was actually proud of myself because I didn't care what I was doing. I was literally not judging myself. And it was so fucking beautiful for a second. I've gone through my whole life caring deeply what people think of me. That was probably one of the first times where I didn't care for a second. And it was liberating. I felt more like a man than I've ever felt. ... That's what always excited me about other people's performances. Abandon. - Andrew Garfield (on the scene where he lashed out at Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network)


Isn't that what we all live for?

Isn't that what life means?

It's funny. The word "love".

You can love so many people and in so many different ways.


Such an exciting word. Scary, even.

Love. The biggest emotion in the world. The biggest feeling in the universe.

There's nothing stronger than the feeling of Love.

Country Strong Quote

“I’ve been thinking of some things I want to tell you… Don’t ever wear satin on stage ‘cause it wrinkles like anything and your sweat will show right through it. I don’t care how pretty the dress is. Always travel with your costumes and if anything ever needs mending send it to Artoureau in Beverly Hills. He’s the best. Don’t take laxatives. Ever. See, they never work the way you want them to. Don’t drink anything carbonated on a show day, okay. It’ll make you bloat. Wear high heels everywhere you go. And when it comes to writing your own songs don’t get to concerned about it. Your motto should always be the best song wins.
And don’t be afraid to fall in love. It’s the only thing that matters in life. The only thing. Do you understand what I’m telling you?… You just fall in love with as many things as possible.”

” — Kelly Canter (Paltrow)- Country Strong (2010)

Tumblr Image-Amazing!

Oh my gosh. I absolutely love everything about this photo. <3

June 29, 2011

M Loves M Giveaway

Hi Guys

Blogging about Mara's Boy Meets Girl Giveaway!!!!

Fingers Crossed! :)

June 28, 2011

I'll Be There. Even When You Hate My Face. I'll Be There. Always.

Times can be tough.
But don't forget, I am here. Always.
Please don't forget...
Even when, at the moment, my voice is like a nail scratching a chalkboard, I'll sit with you in silence.
Even when you don't want to laugh, I'll cry with you and let you use my shoulder.
Even when you want to grab the whole world and give it a good shake, I will hang on. To you.
And hopefully make you happy.
I'll do that.
Because to me, you are perfect.
I'll do anything.
To see you smile.

June 27, 2011

Twin Cities/Taylor Swift Trip

Sorry for the delay on these pics!
Nothing seems to be working right with this album! Ha!
Anyway...my adventures

1.Delicious Food Items from Rainforest Cafe.
2. Me and John at the Rainforest Cafe. Nice Scenery!
3. Jellyfish in Sea Life in the Mall of America! So cool!
4. Sharks! Awesome!
5. Me and My sister before the concert.
6. Me and My sister waiting really, really anxiously.

For details about the trip...go to THIS POST to read about it!

June 24, 2011

Found from Tumblr

I'm not going to lie, I'm having a hard time with Tumblr.
I don't really get how to use it properly.

However I did find this quote on there and I really liked it because it's from one of my favorite books of all time:

“Gandalf: “I am looking for someone to share in an adventure that I am arranging, and it’s very difficult to find anyone.”

Bilbo: “I should think so — in these parts! We are plain quiet folk and have no use for adventures. Nasty disturbing uncomfortable things! Make you late for dinner!” — The Hobbit, J.R.R. Tolkien

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Things I'm Obsessed With Right Now

I just want to take a minute to show you all the things that are making me laugh, smile and just in general, extremely happy. Enjoy and maybe you could invest your time in some of these awesome things too!

Hellogiggles I just recently discovered this little bundle of joy on the internet through Danielle's blog. There is a whole bundle of writers on this site and they post different articles, recipes, videos, "items of the day" and just in general, great things to look at and read! It's so fun! So please go check it out!

I just recently discovered the joys of Twitter again and I have to say I'm obsessed! I don't really know why Twitter is as addicting as it is, but there's something fun about posting what you are doing...as long it's interesting of course. I would never want to just tweet "Going to the store" because that wouldn't be very fun for people to read, now would it?

Lately, me and my boyfriend have been playing Little Big Planet and it's so much fun!!! I'm seriously addicted to this game. The only issue is, me and John might kill eachother before we finish because we get SO frustrated when we play. Mainly because...well, I suck. :) Haha!

I've discovered the most amazing pizza combination (originally tasted from Pizza Hut!): Chicken, Hot Peppers and Roasted Garlic (and cheese of course! Duh!) So delicious and it leaves a taste lingering in your mouth for so long afterwards that you can't help but want more! Yummy! 

Recently, me and John have been watching the Harry Potter movies because he's never seen them before. I know, right? Can you believe that?? Anyway, he wants to watch them all before the next movie comes out. And I am absolutely obsessed with Harry Potter so I don't mind at all!!! I honestly believe that nothing will ever beat Harry Potter for me. No writer will ever create something as magical and as engaging as that story! So fantastic.

So there you have it!!! All the things that have been making me smile lately. Please take the time to enjoy in your own things that make you smile as well!

Have a great weekend!!!! <3

June 23, 2011

A Funny Story About Non-Showered Boys: A CringeWorthy Story Indeed.

Alright so this is what happened to me this morning.

I get home before work ( I slept out last night ) and walk down my stairs and see that the bathroom light is on.
I look inside only to be startled by one of my Step Brother's Non-Showered friends who has hair down to his shoulders STRAIGHTENING HIS HAIR with non other than MY hair straightener.

Um, excuse me?

A) You're a male. Why are you straightening your hair.

B) Whatever happened to the respect of asking somebody first if they can use their things, let alone their grooming products.

C) Why are you getting ready at my house for school??? Don't you have a home?

I was beyond disgusted.

Please don't tell me I'm over reacting because I really don't think I am.

I'm still cringing and that happened 5 hours ago.

Let's just say, I soaped my hair straightener for like 5 minutes.


June 22, 2011

Twin Cities/Taylor Swift Trip!

I'm having some serious issues with my photo album from this trip.
I can't upload the pics on facebook. And apparently, I can't upload them now on Blogger.
Today is just NOT my day.

So I'll just tell you about the trip and then try posting some pictures later.

So the first night we got there, we went to the Rainforest Cafe which was obviously delicious and SO cool. John and Jill had never been there before so they were so excited about it. The food was SO good from there, too.
And then we went to Sea Life which is in the Mall of America. At first we though it wasn't really worth 20 dollars but then we got into the big overhead tube aquarium with the massive sharks and sea turtles and it was so awesome! So naturally, we changed our minds about it being worth our money. I was like a little kid in a candy store...or on Christmas morning.

The next day we shopped till we dropped! I spent WAY too much money. And then that evening was Taylor Swift. I was SO excited for this concert, it wasn't even funny. I got so anxious and couldn't even enjoy the opening bands. Before she came on stage, everything was hidden behind a big curtain and she started talking to us and I just got so excited I started to cry. Yes, tease away. I'm embarrasing. It's fine.

T. Swift was so amazing, though. Like, she blew my mind and was just oh so beautiful! So much power and passion in all of her songs. I just love her.

The next day we did MORE shopping (oh, goodness.) and then did Nickelodeon Universe in the mall. It was so much fun, but I can't really do spinny rides so John and Jill bonded lots by going on some pretty crazy rides together. Although, I did go on a really nutty roller coaster where you go up on a 90 degree angle and then go down a really steep drop. It was hilarious and OH SO scary.

And then on our final day, we got lost in the Twin Cities and pretty much did a whole tour of that whole area and ended up in like 4 different places that we shouldn't have been in, all because I accidentally told John to turn on the wrong ramp. We ended up figuring it out (after lots of stress, you can imagine.) but then John was going the wrong way (towards Illinois) so we had to turn around. We got caught in terrible construction too. We didn't get home til midnight and we hit the road at about 1 in the afternoon. So embarrasing.

But that was my trip. Hopefully the pictures will work soon so I can post some.

June 21, 2011

Gap Dress

I fell in love with this dress on our trip to the Twin Cities.
It's from the Gap.
Sorry this picture is terrible though.

It really was love at first sight though.

Smart Bride Boutique-My BFF Andrea

Bride-To-Be: Wedding Planning Ideas SmartBrideBoutique.com

Please go and check out this link.
My friend Andrea and her wonderful Fiance Adam are getting married next year and Andrea was so lucky to win Smart Bride Boutique's Princess for a Day Contest.
She won a whole bundle of stuff including a dress, rings, camera, bridesmaids dresses and so much more.
She really is lucky and she really is an amazing girl.
So please support her by checking out her very first blog post (which will be a monthly thing)
So any of you getting married might really benefit from her tips (or if you just want a good read, I'd recommend! :))

Princess for a Day Contest Winner
Andrea and Adam <3

Happy blogging! xoxo.

Fitting In

Everybody has tried to fit in once or twice and maybe a hell of a lot more in their lives.
Growing up, I always wanted to dress like everybody else.
I remember in Grade 6, everybody had Gap and I wanted to wear Gap too, but my family couldn't afford it so I was stuck with hand-me-downs. And let me tell you, as a pre-teen, this sucked. A lot.
But looking back on it, I actually embrace my uniqueness to everybody else. And I'm thankful that I didn't wear Gap like everybody else.

Fast forward a few years and throughout high school and it was sort of the same, but just not as bad. As a teenager, you want so badly to have tons of friends and to be liked. And I was liked, yes but didn't care much for the people in my high school. Most of my close friends were at other schools. Looking back on this, that doesn't bother me too much either.

But the thing is, is that it did then. It bothered me then.

And even now: sometimes I don't wear the most "stylish" outfits and my hair isn't always perfect. But you know what? I like it that way.

I'm so incredibly done with trying to please everyone around me in order to not be teased or made to feel guilty.

My clothes won't always match. I'm going to wear what I want to wear no matter if I'm breaking rules or not.
My hair isn't going to be perfect.
My skin is flawed.
I'm sensitive.
I'm blunt.
I'm also very kind, considerate and understanding.
But most of all I'm happy. I'm happy with myself and I'm happy with my life. And I'm not going to change the way I am just to "fit in" because then I wouldn't be me. And that's just not right.

I also have a boyfriend who just recently reminded me of why I should always be myself and never aim to be anybody else but me. Because he loves me just the way I am.
If my clothes are matching or not.
I am loved.
And I am loved by myself... and that's what really matters.

Me in my Kingdom Hearts Blanket.

June 10, 2011

Weekly Gratitude: June 10th.

The past couple of weeks have been really rough for me and have been quite the emotional rollercoaster.

Let's just take a look at the things that made me smile this week:

  • Delicious pizza that I always turned my nose up at before. I just discovered last night it was amazing. Gino's PIZZA. Try it now.
  • Watching the second Harry Potter and being mega excited for Harry Potter part 2 that comes out in ONE MONTH. Oh my goodness.
  • Delicious Reese's Ice Cream Sandwhiches. SOOO delicious.
  • My overwhelming excitement for my trip in 4 days.
  • The fact that today is my last day of work until I'm on holidays! Woohoo!
  • The fact that I'll actually see Taylor Swift one of my favorite girls ever, in the flesh in 5 days. Way too exciting.
  • Xmen! I love Xmen!
  • Cuddle time. :)
  • Camp, camp and more camp. Where all your worries are left in the city.
Have a wonderful weekend. And I'll talk to you when I get back when I've been SWIFT-IFIED! :D Woohoooo!

Passport Twist.

So the stupidest thing happened to me this morning.

Just a little pre-note, it took John forever to get his passport. I'm not joking. He literaly got it yesterday. So you can imagine how much stress that caused me and how I kept thinking we weren't going to be able to go.

Anyway, here's the story:

I went to the border about a week ago to go and pick up some packages (it's cheaper to ship to the states when you're from Canada and ORDERING from the States). Anyway, I left my passport in my step mom's car that I took. It wasn't until last night that I realized this (and as all of you know, I'm going to Minneapolis to see Taylor Swift in... let me count... 4 days!!!! oh my god) but the car wasn't there. So then this morning like at the very time I had to leave for work and I was already running late I went into the car to see if it was there and it wasn't. So there's me turning my house upside down trying to find it and my step mom was like "Did you look in the car's glove box?" and I'm like It's not in there!! By the way, at this point, I'm in tears. So I go into the car, look in the glove box, and yep there it was. So I being, well, me, come into the house and yell at the top of my lungs "THANK GOD!! OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD" and she's like "you found it?" pretending to be all innocent. She then proceeds to tell me that her and my Dad went into the car the other day and saw my passport sitting on the floor and my Dad is like "throw it in the glove box to teach her not to leave her passport lying around" SO THEY TRICKED ME !!

So I would have been the one who couldn't go to the states because I didn't have a passport. What a twist.

June 9, 2011

Recipes: Roasted Balsamic Penne

So I wasn't a huge fan of this pasta actually. I think it would have tasted better with WHITE pasta as opposed to Whole Wheat... I think that's where I went wrong.

Anyway you can really use any type of veggie you want that will taste good but this is what I used:

Red Peppers

Plus Whole Wheat Pasta
Goat Cheese
Balsamic Vinegar
Olive Oil

And I just sprinkled some garlic powder over top... real garlic would have tasted much better also.

Just chop up all your veggies mix up your olive oil, basil, and balsamic vinegar and mix it up... throw it on the veggies and then throw them in the oven for maybe 20 minutes?

And then cook up your pasta. Once that is done.. put on ur veggies mix in with pasta.. and then add some more balsamic vinegar as well as basil and I just like to throw on a little extra olive oil too.

Then sprinkle your goat cheese and your done! DEFINITELY recommend white pasta though for this. I think when you're making whole wheat pasta you need to balance it out with spinach and LOTS of vegetables...


June 8, 2011

Breathe, Focus, Relax.

Everything is okay.

My life is great, wonderful even!

Why must I dwell on so many little things?

Why do I always have to please everybody else and when will I start learning to please myself, most importantly?

I'm growing up and there are big changes to be had.

Accept it!

Breathe, focus, relax.

More importantly, TAYLOR SWIFT in less than a week. Oh goody! :D

June 7, 2011

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Photo from etsy

Breakfast at Tiffany's.
Don't you just love this photo?
There are no words. <3

Hello Summer SALE price Breakfast at Tiffanys ...Holly Golightly gets her beauty sleep ... starring Audrey Hepburn ... limited edition print
Also from Etsy
And this one?

Will someone PLEASE buy this for me?!?!?! :(

The Rain.

Photo via The Savage World
What is it about the rain?
It makes us gloomy, glum, sad, tired. So many negative emotions.
It makes us think more. Speak less.
Want to curl up under the blankets and maybe just sleep for a little while.
Your body feels colder, your day feels longer.

But what about the beauty of the rain?
The beauty that a shift in the weather can cause you to feel so many different emotions?
The fact that when it's raining, everything outside just looks a little bit more pretty.
Romantic even.

What about those feelings?

June 6, 2011

To All My Family

I love you more than anything.
I hope you never forget that for even one minute.
Yes, yes. I know. Sometimes I'm not there as often as you might like.
I'm off galavanting in the life of a 21 year old.
Off with my boyfriend. Off with my friends. Off to the movies. Off to the mall. Always... off...somewhere.
And you miss me.
And believe me.
I miss you just as much.

But I need to remember. And, alas, you need to remember.
That that is just it.
I am 21.

I'm no longer a teenager who is just bumming around the house.
I have a life. And I try to manage it between all of those I love most in the world.

My friends. My family. My boyfriend. My job.

And sometimes, well, it's hard. Really hard. But I do it.

Soon, I'll be off on my own with barely a penny to spare. But you know what I'll do? I'll manage just like I've been doing all along.

And you may not see me as often as you like. But I promise I'm always thinking of you and I'll always try to make as much time for you as possible. Because, like I said... I miss you just as much as you miss me.
And I'm always there.
And I've never forgotten.

To All My Friends

I wish for one day that everybody could all just get along.
And I wish that for once people stopped judging others and jumping to conclusions.
Don't you think life and friendships would be a lot smoother if we learned to accept and be grateful for what we have? To cherish the time we have together and not to focus on the time that we don't?

People grow up. People change.

It's time to let go of the negative and welcome the positive.

Positive people. Positive activities. A positive lifestyle.

I think people need to seriously consider their lives and stop and think for a moment about who their real friends are.

Who are the people who are going to stick by you through good moments and bad? Who are the people who accept you for who you are? Who are the people you can trust with your secrets-big and small? And who are the people who actually want to spend time with you?

For me, that list seems to be shrinking. But at least I'm true to my heart and know who to spend my valuable time with.

Let's just say this. I'm not going to waste my efforts anymore on people who could care less to spend time with me as a person...but more time judging other aspects of my life.

So here, here to my real friends. You all know who you are.

X-Men. What's All The Rage?

I'll tell you what! It's AWESOME.

I've never seen an X-Men movie in my life until last night's Prequel, X-Men First Class.

SO good! I can't wait to see all the previous ones that have been made now.

I've always loved Marvel Superhero movies but this one is definitely one of my new faves.

Spiderman is still in first place for me. (Am I the only one in the world who LOVED the third one? It was my fave.)

Anyway, my favorite characters in X-Men had to be Mystique (I love how insecure she was and then she found her confidence like a REAL woman should!) and I also loved Havok. I liked him because unlike the other Mutants, he had this attitude about him. He wasn't timid or insecure. He was very confident...and kind of a bad ass.

Speaking of bad ass, Magneto was crazy. Nuts even! I want to be a mutant! :(

Who are your favorite Xmen Characters? :) 

Sunshine, Comedy and BBQ's

This weekend was exactly what I needed, however I'd be lying if I said I wasn't completely worn out from it.

Friday night we went to this comedy show which I had really low expectations for, but ended up having a great time. By the end of the night though, my throat started to really hurt so I had to exchange the wine for Orange Juice. My reasoning for this was me and John were headed to camp the next morning!

So yes, the next morning we went out to his camp and basically baked out in the sun all day while having delicious day drinks and snacks.

The evening was even better because as I've probably mentioned, John is an amazing BBQ Whiz and whipped up the most delicious T Bone steak (marinaded with Crown Royale? so good. don't knock it till you've tried it) and bbq'ed peppers and potatoes and a yummy salad with LOTS of veggies.

Then we watched the hockey game in which I fell asleep twice because I was so exhausted... and then of course went to bed after (we won) and fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

Waking up at camp is ALWAYS the best feeling in the world...there's nothing like going outside first thing in the AM and breathing in that crisp fresh air of nature's outdoors :).

We sort of just did the same thing as the previous day... ate and sat outside. Got burnt. You know...the usual. And then had another BBQ with his parents.

AND THEN came home, and saw Xmen really late at night so therefore I'm exhausted today. Ugh!

I really need to go home and sleep...


June 3, 2011

Hoping for a Better Week

So this week hasn't been the greatest.
For some reason I've been an emotional wreck this week and everythings getting to me so much. It honestly feels like nothing is going right.

So here's hoping that next week is better because I could really use a good day right about now.

I'm going to camp tomorrow until Sunday so I'm sure I'll be able to recollect my thoughts and rise my spirits.

Have a great weekend everybody.

And sorry, no Weekly Gratitude today... My emotions are too all over the map to collect and think about the positive things. Unfortunately my mind is feeding off the negative.

Some Exciting New Things

The past couple days at work, I've been getting together with one of the Radio Announcers here at the station to practice my Voice Tracking skills.

The date when I take over the 9-2 Radio Slot is coming up in a month and a halfish so I need to get learning...and fast!

I've already learned how to format a show and how to record a show.

This is such a great opportunity and I'm so excited about it.

Do you want to know what ELSE I'm excited for?

Taylor Swift, obviously. It's coming up in 11 days and I've never been so excited for anything, ever!

Also, I've worked out 3 times this week. YAY for jumping back on the fitness bandwagon! :) WOohoo

life is good.

June 2, 2011

Amateur Hour...

over at my blog.
I played around with some coding and managed to take some free templates etc. and customized my blog a little bit more.

Like it? It's not bad... I wish I knew how to do all the cool things with blogs like customize "page" fonts and title fonts etc.

Any suggestions?

Lots of Activity!

Last night I jumped back on the gym bandwagon and had a TON of motivation!
I did strength training for my entire body pretty much and then did 20 minutes of cardio (running). I was there for an hour and felt so great afterwards. I can't wait to go again today after work!!

After I was done at the gym, I made myself some pasta with just some Classico sauce which was really delicious. And then me, John and my family watched the Hockey Game where the Canucks won! It was sort of a slow game and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't falling asleep... however we scored within probably the last 16 seconds of the 3rd period! Which MEANT no overtime, which MEANT no cranky Jessica this morning. Maybe I was a little cranky when I woke up...but only a little.


I always seem to find a player on hockey teams that I just really don't like. For this series, I really don't like Boston's goalie, Tim Thomas. He has an unfair advantage because he's...larger so he takes up the entire net. Sigh.

I still like my faves from Vancouver... Roberto Luongo and Alex Burrows


June 1, 2011

One Of Those Not So Great Days

Yesterday I didn't have the best of days, unfortunately.
It was just one of those days where I felt as though nothing was going right and I was pretty much taking everything so personally. All day I couldn't wait to go to the gym but then when around 4-4:30 rolled around I was ready to give up. John asked if I just wanted to go to his house and read on his back deck and that sounded like a way better idea at the time. So I went over to his house and to my surprise, he was barbequing for us! He told me to go relax and sit outside so I got some sun while reading on his back deck. He's so cute because as I was reading, he brought me a glass of wine and it was exactly what I needed at tha time. It was so windy though, but it was still really hot so that was a bonus. Dinner was so delicious too! I'm telling you, that Man can make an amazing BBQ'd dinner, that's for sure. We had porkchops, peppers, potatoes and a salad in which he made his own Balsamic Dressing. SO good!
The rest of the night was so so because I was just super sensitive about everything but then I was able to sleep on it and today is a way better day...thank goodness!!!!

Vancouver VS. Boston tonight. Who's watching?!

Keeping Happiness Close

Don't ever forget how important it is to keep those who make you happy close to your heart and push those away who give your personality or life sour feelings.

Just a thought.