November 30, 2010

9 PM.

With new relationships come very late bed-times.

Tonight, I am going to clear my skin AND my head by setting a bed time of 9 PM.

I need to get some serious sleep.

November 29, 2010

Out With The Old, In With The New. Cheers to FRESH new beginnings.

I love my blog.

I really do.

However, I'm not going to explain every single detail of my life on here. For the sake of those involved in my life and for the sake of myself.

I could sit here and type away about some not so fun experiences that I've recently encountered but that would be counter-active, now wouldn't it?

My blog is supposed to be a positive place, for positive thoughts.

Negativity doesn't have a spot in my life right now. Something I really like about myself is that I can take a negative situation and put a positive spin on it. I think that is what I'm known least that's what people tell me. So ditch the negative aspects of your life and focus on the positives. And that goes for everything.

And just know that mistakes will always happen no matter what. We are all human. People get sad and people get angry, etc, etc. But why complain? I don't really see the point in sitting here saying what I wish could've happened or talking about regret when there is so much good in my life right now.

And forgiveness and understanding is a major part of anybodys happiness.

I've finally managed to open myself up again. I'm not going into details because I don't need everybody to know all the personal aspects of my life. It'll just jinx it. But just know that I've finally managed to find happiness again when I thought that was impossible.

It feels nice. I feel good.

So I say, out with the old, in with the new. And I'm going to embrace this new-found treasure I've managed to discover.

Cheers to new beginnings.


November 26, 2010

Low Morale

I'm not in a good mood today. Everything is going wrong.

 You know those days where everybody should probably watch out because you might say something you will later realize (when you're a bit happier) was probably very hurtful?

It's one of those days.

I'm sorry for this negative post... I'm just having a bad day.

November 22, 2010


Always waiting, always wishing on 11:11

In hopes that things will stay the same and continue to grow

To blossom into the beautiful rose my life is turning out to become.

11:11...please continue to be on my side.

I rather need you.


Oh, Those Games We Play...

I'm rather curious to find out how much time we spend waiting, waiting, waiting...

Waiting to eat, waiting to leave, waiting for a call, waiting for a text, waiting to go home...waiting...

Isn't it funny how relationships work?

How you might look at someone and love everything you see or talk to a person and love everything you hear but somebody else who is looking and hearing the exact same things may be completely turned away?

It's such a strange concept when you're once so afraid to eat in front of a significant other.

When your face is all red from rubbing a napkin over your chin hoping that there is no evidence of your embarrasingly sloppy eating habits.

Why is that when meeting new people (friendships and love interests) conversation is either awkward and forced or easy and smooth?

Like you've known eachother for years...

Or how people are so paranoid about the opposite sex?

Why is it that we have our expectations so high? Why didn't you call? Why are you acting weird? Why did you say that? Who was that girl? Where were you last night?

The best relationships work when it's smooth sailing and simple. When these questions don't matter and you still have trust in the other person is when you are most compatible, I think.

You didn't call because it wasn't necessary. You are acting weird because you are tired and can't focus. You said that because like most people, we don't think before we speak. That girl was an old friend, just like I have many old friends, boys and girls. You were busy, everyone gets busy.

Trust these things and don't make a big deal into nothing. Trust ME, it's not worth it.
For the most part, I had a pretty successful relationship for 4 years of my life based on these factors, and even though that relationship failed, it was still easy.

I look at other people who are constantly paranoid about things and why would anyone want to ever be that exhausted?


It's so important. Trust in yourself and trust in other people. TRUST TRUST TRUST!

It'll make you happier in the long run. I promise.

And everyone wants to be happy, don't they?

November 19, 2010


It's tonight, It's tonight, It's tonight!

Harry Potter! The 2nd last movie. I might as well crawl into a tiny little hole and die right now because seriously, what am I going to be once Harry Potter is done (next July or whatever)? I've already read all the books. The movies are almost done. And Harry Potter is probably the best thing of life, so what's next?

What's going to be the next HUGE thing?

Honestly, I don't think anything. I don't think anything will ever compare to the phenomonon of Harry Potter.


7 more hours!

November 17, 2010

I Just Want To Say...

Thanks for those in my life who make being myself easy.

...To those who are accepting and understanding.
...To those who are easy and don't give me any reasoning to be intentionally upset.
...To those who realize what the word real and sincere mean.

Because I probably don't say it enough and don't fully appreciate what your presence means to me.


November 16, 2010

Fishnets, Movies, and Vacays.

I wore these tights to work today, not quite sure what to expect. I obsessed and obsessed wondering if they were "work appropriate" or not and then it got worse when a comment was made saying they were a bit scandalous.

What do you think?

Personally, I think they are fashionable and vintage as opposed to sexy... I probably won't wear them to work ever again though. I think I'll just stick to my solid black tights. Yes, I think that is a good decision.

P.S. Have you seen Morning Glory yet? It is SUCH a good movie with such a great soundtrack. Something about this movie just captivates my attention. I like how it's not so focused on the romance between Rachel McAdams' character and the sexy producer from a different show and more aimed at the friendship she builds with the bitter News Anchor.

Last but not least, I had a great time in Duluth with a few friends I hadn't seen in a while! I don't really want to post pictures as none of them are really flattering but it was a very fun trip nonetheless filled with spending an extreme amount of money and eating WAY too much food. I bought some cute new clothes though, for what it's worth and had a LOT of laughs.

November 12, 2010

Delicious Cupcakes, Delectable Pasta and Silly Girls!

You know those days where your whole house is just filled with tension? You can kind of tell that something is going on behind closed doors with your family, but you're not quite sure what? Well that's what has been happening lately in my house.

So what did I decide to do? Spend some quality time with my sisters' and cook pasta and bake cupcakes!!

Check out this delicious pasta!

 And these silly girls and delicious cupcakes!

People Aren't So Bad

Why are people so afraid to tell the truth?
I mean, I was afraid once. I hid the truth from everybody and then finally, decided that I needed to be honest with myself and then when I was finally able to admit everything to myself, be honest with the rest of the world.
Especially the people who might get hurt.

And you know what?

I'm so glad I did. Turns out-When you're honest, people will respect you. People aren't so bad, they're actually very understanding.

I don't think we give those we are afraid of as much credit as we deserve. 

It seems honesty really is the best policy, no matter what kind of circumstances we may be getting ourselves into.

Because in the long run...people may be upset in the beginning, but in the end-It may actually be worth it and those who don't understand will eventually get through it. And those who did understand, well, I guess they are better friends than we originally thought?

I'm not sure if what I'm saying is making any sense or if you can relate in any way, but it makes sense to me...and that's all that matters.

Just remember...people aren't so scary. People are always telling me that I'm so positive and "bubbly" and that's because I believe in the good in people. In everyone. Just be honest, trust me. It's worth it.

November 11, 2010

Just a couple of things...

1. Life is good. :)
2. Harry Potter in a couple of weeks.
3. Duluth 2 weekends in a row! Yay!
4. My head is pounding for the 2nd day in a row. What is going on? I don't understand.
5. Have a great day! :)

November 9, 2010

756th Post for Today.

Oh, and for your amusement. I tried the peanut butter dipped in sugar and it was delectable!

 Probably the silliest picture of me eating peanut butter. Yeah, yeah. Laugh it up.

The Days that Jillian Michaels Killed Me.

Wanna know what?

I started doing Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred yesterday. I went into it all cocky thinking, "I got this".

I was sadly, sadly mistaken.

Today is day 2 and I already can't walk (down) the stairs because my legs are jelly.

Jillian Michaels, I'll do my best to stay with you for all 30 days but we might have to taken a day or two of a break here and there. You're pretty intense, for my liking.

Please Remind Me!

So I saw this little pleasure on Chelsea's blog and I thought I immediately needed to try it.

But I keep forgetting, so please remind me.

What's the pleasure?

Taking a big spoonful of peanut butter, dipping it in sugar and, yep, you guessed it! Eating it (of course).

In the meantime, take a look at this picture, it's pretty funny. It def made me laugh:

Because I Need To Start Posting More Pictures...

I noticed that my favorite bloggers will post many pictures so I'm going to start doing that to make my blog easier on the eyes...

So, these are some things I love shown in pictures!!! Yay!

Big Cities...I went to Chicago and it was one of the best experiences of my life!

Camp makes me happy. (notice the naturistic [is that a word?] background)

My family. :) This is a really old pic of my sisters' but it's the only one I had of them two together (hence I need to start taking more pics)
Musicals! I went to see Wicked in Chicago. It was great! 
All 4 of my crazy dogs. The one you see in the pic below is Cujo. I also have Walter, Isabella and Nova. If we are going to start naming all animals, I also have a lizard which I've taken a new liking to. (It's only taken me 4 years)
Kingdom Hearts! I'm stuck on the new game though. Someone please help me!
My lovely friends. Look at how pretty they all are! There are some missing from that pic though.

Harry Potter! Is it sad that I'm going to cry myself to sleep the night of the final movie?

Fable. I like this pic of it because it reminds me why I like the game (I love the scenery!)

So these are only a few of my favorite things but the computer I am on is really "laggy" so it's hard to find decent pics. I promise I'll start taking more pictures though of myself and the funny shenanagins I get up to to make this blog more enjoyable for all of you out there.

Love, love, love!

P.S. I don't know about you, but I kind of like where this blog is headed, would you agree?

November 8, 2010

A Bad Omen?

So I'll tell you a story.

Today I was driving and stopped at a red light for about 3.76 seconds. When I continued to drive, I noticed something fly out the back of my truck only to notice it was *gasp* a crow!!

A crow? Doesn't that mean terrible luck? That death is upon you about to strike at any minute?

Naturally (me being ridiculously paranoid) I've been freaking out all day, constantly looking over my shoulder making sure death isn't breathing down my neck.

Of course, I almost choked on an abnormally chewy piece of candy, literally couldn't swallow or breathe for the longest 30 seconds of my life (all while quietly sitting in my cubicle not making a scene) but thankfully swallowed it.

So here I am, still alive! Avoiding any unfortunate circumstances (for the sake of my life).

I probably shouldn't drive tonight, just sayin'.

Lazy Weekends

Sometimes it's nice to have a weekend full of nothingness.

A change from the usual partying.

A weekend full of movies and tv shows. Friends and XoXo's.

Blankets and napping.

Shopping with mom and coffee with sister.

And then I come back to work for the week and look forward to what my evenings will bring me as well as the weekends ahead.

In the meantime, I will leave you with this silly picture of me. (Sorry Brie-if you're reading this!)

I need to start taking more pictures...that would require me to replace the batteries in my camera first.

Have a great day! :)

November 5, 2010

I'm Drinking Christmas! I'm Drinking Christmas!

I would just like everyone to know, that this morning I decided to make a little trip to Starbucks.

When I walked in and looked at the drink menu up on the fancy wall, I noticed something that instantly made my heart flutter...

The Christmas Themed Coffee!!!

I'm not much of a coffee drinker, but I've always had this little soft spot for the Christmas drinks at Coffee Shops-That's usually the only time of the year when I will spend absurd amounts of money on coffee because well, I just can't resist!

Today's flavour: Gingerbread Latte!

I can already feel the warmth of Christmas all throughout my body! I just love this whole time of year when Christmas is everywhere: At work, at the mall, at the movies, (At Starbucks), at home...I think you get the picture!

Maybe I'll watch a Christmas movie soon? The Grinch? The Santa Clause? Four Christmases (Not really a classic, but nonetheless...VERY cute and VERY funny).

How exciting!

November 4, 2010

Fun Facts of the Day

So I pretty much realized a few things today.

1. I don't think I would be myself anymore without Blogging. Is it wierd that I kind of live for this website? There's nothing better than discovering a brand new blog that makes you feel all these different emotions. I absolutely love when I find a blog that will make me laugh in the middle of my office. My co-workers probably think I'm such a freak! Or that I can completely relate to. Or pretty much just make my heart smile! I love blogging!! It's a part of me now.

2. My calves are both pulled and it hurts to walk. What did I do? I definitely haven't been exercising because that would just be preposterous. Although-I really need to get on that bandwagon again. I was feeling so good but of course my laziness got the best of me and I've quit yet again. ALTHOUGH, I have been eating healthy so that probably makes up for the lack of physical activity.

3. This week has been kind of a blur. What did I even do? Maybe you can tell me because I don't have a clue. Last week at work was so busy and this week I don't even know what I did but it's going by pretty fast. Maybe it's because I won't home sick on Monday? Yeah, that's probably it.

4. I tried the Thai Kitchen today. It was good but not nearly spicy enough for my liking!

5. I just went into one of the radio station's booths for the first time today. The announcer was so surprised because I literaly am neighbours with that office. We were discussing how we could literaly throw things at eachother if we wanted to so it's kind of a mystery how I've never been in there before. It was rather cozy and had nice lighting.

6. I'm feeling a little bit silly today-You can probably tell by these facts. I think it's because I just discovered the most humorous little blog that I absolutely love. I'm worried though because she hasn't posted in a very long time. Check her out here:

7. Christmas is arriving soon! I'm already in the Christmas spirit. It's going to be a good one! It is, it really is. I only know one thing I want for sure and that is this lovely little decorative book that Audrey Hepburn's son wrote about her. It looks amazing and I want it. But I'm going to wait for Christmas because I don't feel like spending $30 on it.

Once again, have a great day!

Nothing Interesting

I think I have a shopping problem.
I can't step into a store when I have money, and not walk out with SOMETHING.
Wal-Mart is (sadly) one of the worst places I do this. They have so much inexpensive stuff that it's difficult for me to walk out with nothing.
I think I have a problem.

In other thoughts, I really don't have much to say. I'm really excited for the weekend. I don't really have any big plans, though. Just kind of want to sleep, if that makes sense?

Sorry-nothing exciting that I can really talk about on here!
Just needed to post. :)
Have a great day.

P.S. Did I tell you how much I love Taylor Swift's new CD? Well, I do. It's phenomonal.

November 3, 2010

Losing My Focus

I can't seem to focus today.
Maybe it's the strange and out of focus dreams I've been having every night
...or the mere fact that I can barely sleep at all?
**Constant thoughts...
Maybe it's because I've been eating less and drinking more?
Maybe it's because I've had a busy week with all of the Halloween Festivities?
or maybe it's because work was just a little bit crazy last week?
I've also had a terrible cold for the past few days...could that be it?
Could it be that I've spent my free time watching sappy Romantic Comedies and it's starting to make me weepy?
Or maybe it's the transition that my heart is going through? A fast transition that feels so good? Fast change is always exhausting.

I'm starting to think it's a mix of all of these things put together.

And, dear Blog, you are not helping!

November 2, 2010

Forgive My Poor Structure.

I am going to be a total dork right now and get really excited for something extremely early:


Now that Halloween is over (and what a great Halloween it was) that means I can get excited for the warm feeling that is, in fact, Christmas! I have a good feeling about this Christmas. I think it is going to bring me happiness I forgot existed.


I really am loving life right now. It's a nice feeling, you know, to love life. I almost stopped believing in a lot of things for a while, but the pieces are coming back together and I truly am grateful for everything I have right now and for the decisions I have made.

Please forgive me for my scattered thoughts. I know I go from talking about Christmas one second and then talking about beliefs the next. I don't really have structure when I write.

On Halloween I Was An Avatar!

It was pretty fun to be blue for a day.