November 22, 2010

Oh, Those Games We Play...

I'm rather curious to find out how much time we spend waiting, waiting, waiting...

Waiting to eat, waiting to leave, waiting for a call, waiting for a text, waiting to go home...waiting...

Isn't it funny how relationships work?

How you might look at someone and love everything you see or talk to a person and love everything you hear but somebody else who is looking and hearing the exact same things may be completely turned away?

It's such a strange concept when you're once so afraid to eat in front of a significant other.

When your face is all red from rubbing a napkin over your chin hoping that there is no evidence of your embarrasingly sloppy eating habits.

Why is that when meeting new people (friendships and love interests) conversation is either awkward and forced or easy and smooth?

Like you've known eachother for years...

Or how people are so paranoid about the opposite sex?

Why is it that we have our expectations so high? Why didn't you call? Why are you acting weird? Why did you say that? Who was that girl? Where were you last night?

The best relationships work when it's smooth sailing and simple. When these questions don't matter and you still have trust in the other person is when you are most compatible, I think.

You didn't call because it wasn't necessary. You are acting weird because you are tired and can't focus. You said that because like most people, we don't think before we speak. That girl was an old friend, just like I have many old friends, boys and girls. You were busy, everyone gets busy.

Trust these things and don't make a big deal into nothing. Trust ME, it's not worth it.
For the most part, I had a pretty successful relationship for 4 years of my life based on these factors, and even though that relationship failed, it was still easy.

I look at other people who are constantly paranoid about things and why would anyone want to ever be that exhausted?


It's so important. Trust in yourself and trust in other people. TRUST TRUST TRUST!

It'll make you happier in the long run. I promise.

And everyone wants to be happy, don't they?

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