March 29, 2012

Red Wine

Lately, I find myself craving the simple taste of Red Wine.
Don't worry, I'm no alcoholic... but isn't there something so warm, comforting...perfect about a delicious glass of red wine?

It tastes fantastic with dinner.

It's a perfect addition to a romantic night.

And it's a nice compliment to a really good book.
Red Wine, I think you and I could be great friends.

March 28, 2012

John's Birthday

I LOOOOVE Birthdays! And the most important person in my life has one coming up next week!
So, naturally, I'm planning a delicious dinner this weekend considering we'll probably be going out with his family on his actual birthday... plus it will give me more time to be domesticated. Haha.
I was debating going out for a nice dinner or cooking at home, but after a little conversation with John, I decided to just cook. It'll be much more special that way and it'll save me a bit of money! :)

I've decided to make John a gourmet meal consisting of a delicious (hopefully) roasted chicken, potatoes, vegetables and salad and you KNOW we're going to have red wine.

I'm also going to make cake batter martini's while the food is cooking to cheers to his birthday!! I really hope it turns out.

Image/Recipe Via

I've gotten the majority of these ideas from one of my favorite bloggers, Camilla. Be sure to check out her blog! She always has delicious recipe ideas that are heart (and waistline) happy! :)

Hopefully, my chicken will look something like hers (from Camilla's site):

And I plan to make the following with it:

Yummy Green Salad that I've actually made before (friends of mine, don't be fooled... I'm not trying to "get a ring on it". It's just what she titled the salad)

Roasted Potatoes (explanitory)

Root Vegetables

And I'm trying to figure out if I should make ice cream sandwhiches with John's favorite ice cream or if I should go to Coldstone's or DQ to pick up an ice cream cake.

I love birthdays. :)

Cheesy Quinoa Bites-Fail

Last night after Hot Yoga, I decided to make Cheesy Quinoa Bites.

image via

The original recipe makes I believe, 28 bites. And considering I was only cooking for myself, I had to drastically cut that down to say... 9 bites. Also, the original recipes calls for 2 eggs when mixing everything together... and I put in one egg (which I thought would be the obvious move) however, the final recipe was a little too eggy for me.

Other than that, they were pretty good. I'd make them again but if I did only the 9 bites, I'd mix together the egg seperately and then put in... a quarter of the one egg. Haha.

Anyway, I suck and didn't take pictures because I didn't think they were very photogenic (considering I dropped them in the oven before I put them in...I obviously managed to save them though cuz I'm a hero.)

Have a great day. 

March 27, 2012

Pinterest: Home Decor Ideas

Lately there has been some pretty amazing changes in mine and my boyfriend John's lives (see below), I can see us moving out and getting our very own little home soon.
So you can see why my Home Decor Pinterest Board is overflowing with lots of fun ideas.
I can't wait to put them to use hopefully sooner than later.
Here are some of my favorites:

 This Bedroom. I dream of a white bedroom with either bright coloured or even soft coloured accents like brown or beige (or for bright: yellow!)

 This Foyer. I'm such a sucker for bright colours... and I love the way this is organized.

 This house in general. I could totally see me and John living in this...however, doesn't it almost look to perfect and adorable? Le Sigh.

 This kitchen times a million. I am in love with hardword floors and white furniture so this is perfect. (p.s. I could only find Tumblr as a source. If someone could tell me where it's from... much appreciated.)

Do I even have to tell you why I looooveeee this livingroom? I'm obsessed with yellow and hardword floors. Le perfect.

And last but not least, this organizational shoe staircase. I have so many shoes but I hate more than anything that they take up so much space and cause clutter (gross). So this is just awesome.

Those are a few of my favorite Home Decor Pins... let's hope I can put them to use soon... and be able to cook allll thee recipes I want! :) 

March 26, 2012

Pinterest: Favorite Recipes

Skimming through my "I'm Hungry", Yummy Drinks, and Sweet Treats boards on Pinterest, I thought I'd show you first some of the recipes I've found that look great to me and can't wait to try!! 
Don't worry my work will come to life shortly but for now, I need to gather inspiration!
And don't worry, sources (titles of food) will all be linked! (hopefully I'm allowed to post these images on my blog... let me know if I'm wrong?)

 Black & Blue Mojito (I LOOOVE Mojitos!)
 Breakfast Braid with Jalepeno Sausage from my FAVORITE food blogger (I made this recipe and it was truly amazing)

Hope you enjoyed! And maybe you could make some of these and link back? I'd love to see how they taste.. however I'll probs make anyway to try out for myself :) 

First Post: A Pinning Life

I took a couple of stabs at blogging and was losing my overall joy in the activity... Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love reading other people's blogs but I just wasn't feeling the passion in my own. I thought that I needed a more exciting life in order to create a more exciting blog. 

One day, I was on my beloved Pinterest pinning a TON of recipe's which I loved the look of, but had yet to try. 
That's when it hit me!

Why waste all this time pinning recipes that looked delicious but never actually stepping into the kitchen and seeing what they tasted like?

I thought, hey! That's actually a really great blog idea. Taking the recipes I've found on my Pinterest and blogging about them. Actually keeping track of my progress on Pinterest, working on my cooking skills by trying ahhhmazing new recipes, and working on some photography skills with the nice camera I never use!

And you never know, if I ever find any cool DIY projects or Home Decor ideas on Pinterest, maybe I'll post them here to? 

You can find my Pinterest Here

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