February 28, 2011

Car Shopping-AKA Stress Central

I don't know what to do.

I'm stuck!

Should I get a new or a used car?

Is insurance insanely higher on a new car than it is on a used car????

I don't mind paying 300$ a month on a new car for 5 years because I'd probably be paying 300$ a month on a used car for 3 years.. I want a car that is going to last me so I might as well do the 5 years, no?

AHH! I'm so stressed out.

I'm starting to think that I should go for a used car though...

I'll show you the cars I'm thinking of:

2011 Ford Fiesta


2007 Hyundai Sonata

what do you think? Any suggestions?

My Weekend and an Oscar Rant

Hi everyone!

Hope all of your weekend were just fantastic!

I didn't really do much this weekend, to be honest with you... it was very relaxing.

However, I did spend $90 dollars yesterday at the mall. I pretty much indulged myself in casual clothes to wear when I'm NOT working.

I did go to the gym. On my own. And you know what's funny? I actually WANTED to go. (Side note: I'm going to BOSU Ball class tonight... Be prepared for a "Why did I do that to myself" post. Ha!)

I spent a lot of time with my family and catching up on shows.

I spent a lot of time with John also.

And last but not least, John and I made a really delicious dinner last night! We made a pizza ... with pre-made pizza dough and pre-made sauce (one day I'm going to take a day and make my own crust and my own sauce though) and then he made a delicious caeser salad. We then enjoyed some beer and watched the Oscars! It was such a wonderful night!!


I don't even think you want to know my opinion on "The King's Speech" winning Best Motion Picture. ARE YOU SERIOUS? I mean, it was a well made movie and all, but the other movies deserved it far more. I'm sorry, but "The King's Speech" was boring. It was well made, well acted and well written, but it was boring.

A movie like "127 hours" which pretty much ONLY had James Franco in it, and managed to hold our attention throughout the whole thing was far more deserving.

Or True Grit with that little 14 year old girl who was absolutely phenomonal with an exciting adventure and a hilarious Jeff Bridges...far more deserving!

The Social Network which every aspect had me involved, from the soundtrack to the story to the acting....LIKE COME ON!!

So annoyed!

But whateva.

PS How gorgeous did Hailee Steinfeld look?


February 25, 2011

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Weekly Gratitude February 25th

Hi everyone!

Well this week has definitely been an interesting one, and that's the truth!

Let me take a few minutes to say what I'm grateful for:

  • Thanks to everyone who is helping me with my car purchase! It's definitely a difficult and stressful process but all of your input is helping me immensely! I know so much more about vehicles than I ever have before.
  • Thanks to my friends for hanging out with me last Sunday. It was a really fun sleepover and very very necessary!
  • Thank you to Glee for being constantly inspirational and hilarious. Such a good mix for a show.
  • Thanks to my office for being so stable and for being such a relaxing place to work in.
  • Thank you to "trust". It's definitely nice to feel needed. (I promise I'll be there no matter what!)
  • Thank you, gym, for being the kick in the ass that I needed. Just suck it up and go. Just suck it up and go.
  • Thank you, Wendy's Asiago Ranch Chicken Burger thing, you are delicious! Although, I'm not sure I should be thanking you...
  • Thanks, John, for being the strongest person I know. :) Love.
  • Thanks, weather, for finally getting a little bit warmer. I can't wait to wear shorts and tanks and sunglasses again. To oil myself up, lay outside in the sun while reading a good book!


February 24, 2011

"Take love, multiply it by infinity and take it to the depths of forever.. and you still have only a glimpse of how I feel for you."-Meet Joe Black

"What do you want to marry me for anyhow?"
"So I can kiss you anytime I want!"
~ Sweet Home Alabama

"Never knew I could feel like this,

like I've never seen the sky before.
Want to vanish inside your kiss
and I love you until the end of time."
~ Moulin Rouge

"I love that you get cold when it is 71 degrees out. I love that it takes you an hour and a half to order a sandwich. I love that you get a little crinkle in your nose when you're looking at me like I'm nuts. I love that after I spend day with you, I can still smell your perfume on my clothes. And I love that you are the last person I want to talk to before I go to sleep at night. And it's not because I'm lonely, and it's not because it's New Year's Eve. I came here tonight because when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible."
~ When Harry Met Sally

"I love you even when you're sick and look disgusting."
~ Love Actually

February 23, 2011

Oscars 2011

I just want to say how excited I am for the Oscars this year!
Don't you just LOVE this hosting duo?
Both of these actors have come such a long way lately...they are definitely what I'd call SUPERSTARS!

It's going to be fun though... me and my boyfriend are going to make a ton of food...maybe have some wine and just get all cuddled up and watch the show!

It's going to be awesome.

Who do you think is going to take home the most awards?

I'm kind of thinking Black Swan and the Fighter. I'm sorry..but Christian Bale: even though you're kind of a jerk, your acting in this movie was absolutely amazing. I have no words.
And Natalie Portman, everything you touch turns to gold. You are fantastic.

Ohhh! I can't wait!

PS: Valentines Day Pics coming soon.. I know. I'm just so lazy when it comes to plugging in my camera to upload my pictures. Sorry :(

February 22, 2011

Oh Em Gee My Sister is 13!

A day late, but a BIG happy birthday goes out to my little sister, Jill who turned 13 yesterday! Such a milestone in her life!

Here's hoping she stays on the good path and not be influenced by some of her not so well influenced friends (no offense, Jill).

You're such a smart girl and I know that being a teenager can be tough, but I'll always be here for you, no matter what. Even though it can be hard, it can also be a lot of fun! So don't be afraid to take risks but just be careful and smart with your decisions.

Love you xoxo.

Probably the most hilarious picture of all time ^^^

February 18, 2011

Weekly Gratitude-February 18th.

I's time to throw those counter-active thoughts out the window and take some time to say what I'm most thankful for...enjoy:

  • I'm so thankful that my credit rating is good which led me to get pre-approved for a car loan! New wheels, here I come!
  • I'm thankful for the differences in people. I appreciate arguments and conflicts of interest. It helps us grow and embrace eachother further.
  • Embarrasingly enough, Justin Bieber. Say what you will about how he's talentless, but I'm sorry. He isn't. Have you SEEN Never Say Never? Kid was playin' drums at the age of (4?) and let me tell you, the Drums are not easy. It's all about counting. And he can play countless instruments and actually has a good voice. Hopefully the fact that every 12 year old girl in the world is in love with him won't get to his head too much.
  • I'm thankful or the weekend in general. I had the flu this week and have been very tired. I'd love to take a nap and have a cuddle sesh with John and then maybe go out for a bit. Ahh, yes. Sounds ideal.
  • I'm grateful for my sister turning 13 on Monday. While many of her friends aren't the greatest examples, she hasn't let the troublesome effects of peer pressure influence her.
  • I'm thankful for love in general. Please don't forget that people argue, and you need to remember that those arguments only make you stronger. Try not to let negative words and spite effect your relationships (with anybody). It's not worth it. And while you may be bitter for a while, don't forget the feeling you have inside of you and that you will eventually, get over it and move on.
And last but not least...

  • I'm thankful for Valentine's Day. John gave me the most beautiful and memorable Valentine's Day I've ever had. Pictures are coming, just have to upload them (haha!)

February 14, 2011

This is so sad.

Did anyone see the reporter for the Grammy's who had to get rushed to the hospital because she possibly suffered a stroke on air?

Look at the following... it's so scary! :( I wish her all the best.

This is so sad.

A VERY Special Valentines Day Post-FAVE TV COUPLES!

As you all know, I'm a TV Fanatic!

So in honour of Valentine's Day 2011, I thought I'd compile some pictures of some of my favorite TV couples!

 Gossip Girl-Chuck and Blair
 90210-Teddy and Ian (I think this storyline is adorable!)
 One Tree Hill-Quinn and Clay
 Modern Family-Haley and Dylan
 How I Met Your Mother-Barney and Robin
 The Vampire Diaries-Elaina and Damon (ONE DAY!!)

 Grey's Anatomy-Lexie and Mark
 The Office-Pam and Jim
Gilmore Girls-Rory and Logan

And a very special picture on a couple I just RECENTLY fell in love with...
Country Strong: Beau and Chiles (SO CUTE!)
Enjoy this clip (I love this song so much!):

I hate how they aren't real, I'd love to attend their future or past weddings! Ha!

Happy Valentines Day

Valentines Day...

A day of definite mixed feelings.

But you know what?

No matter how you feel this V-Day...

Happy...In love...miserable...content... "whatever"...

Be happy for those in love, be considerate of those who are not.

If you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, spend time with them. Be grateful for eachother's presence. Remember those reasons why you love eachother in the first place. But don't forget that this day should be no different than any other.

And if you are single, spend time with friends and family, watch your favorite shows or movie, make yourself a big delicious dinner, or carry on like it's just any other day!

Happy Valentines Day everyone!

Love, love, love!  xoxoxo

February 11, 2011

Is it possible?

That as you grow up, you seperate yourself from certain friends?

That you sort of group yourself off into "in a relationship" and "single" and you tend to only spend time with those who are also in relationships?

I really don't understand why it has to be like that but it's starting to seem more and more that this is just the way it is. And we have to accept it as hard as it may be.

And I'm not saying that is the case with everyone. I have friends who are single that I love spending time with and they equally enjoy spending time with me. But then there are others who aren't so accepting.

It's probably not a very "accepted" thought and some maybe disagree with me, but it seems that when you are in a relationship, that is what tends to come first. You tend to plan around your relationship.

But you know what is silly? Even when you try to equally balance, it doesn't seem to work. It backfires anyway.

Me, for example, am trying to balance the best that I can. However, regarding my previous speculation, I realize now why we as human beings in relationships tend to put the "significant other" first. It's because of the inevitable drama that occurs between friends when you get yourself a new boyfriend.

Oh well. All that you can do, honestly, is to accept that drama and move on. Stick with the people who make you smile and don't worry about the people who make you cry. It doesn't mean you need to cut these people out of your life, it just means that the positive people in your life is where you should keep your focus.

I'm all about positive energy as of late.

I really need to stop being so sensitive all the time.

yum look at that tongue! So white and pasty! :P

Any tips?

Weekly Gratitude

You have no idea how happy I am that it is Weekly Gratitude day!
I think I might really need to just take a deep breath and write out everything that I am grateful and thankful for...it's been kind of an emotional week.
  • Beyond words, I am grateful that my contract has been extended for another year and a half at work. It's so comforting to know I won't be jobless in a month. That was something that was causing me an excrutiating amount of stress, and now I have that heavy weight off of my shoulders.
  • I am thankful for the beautiful city I live in. There is some of the prettiest scenery here and if you just step outside for a minute and take a good look around, I think you would appreciate it too.
  • I am thankful for delicious food. I don't think you understand how much I appreciate a good meal. I savour every bite when I eat something delicious!
  • My fun loving puppies! Oh, boy, do I love my dogs! I have 4 of them and some are fat, some are small, some are fat AND small, some are too energetic.. but you know what? I love them all the same! They are my favorites!
  • I am thankful that I got tickets to see TAYLOR SWIFT! A dream come true, I tell ya!
  • I am so grateful for the bed that I get to sleep in each night. It's just so wonderful and comfortable and amazing! It sure does make it hard to get out of bed in the morning though! Ahh sleep...

Thanks! :) *Phew* I feel better!

February 10, 2011

Taylor Swift OH EM GEE!

You know that feeling that you get when one of your dreams are about to come true?
That excited and giddy feeling?

Back in the day, I got that feeling when my Dad bought me tickets to see my idol at the time, Hilary Duff. Who (I'm embarrased to admit) I still get stupidly excited when I see her on a TV show or movie.

But now... my new favorite singer of all time is coming to St. Paul in June and guess who is going?

ME! That's right! I'm so excited!
I seriously love Taylor Swift so much.
When her new album came out, I literaly laid in my bed and cried with her over her songs.
I wasn't even sad or depressed.
I'd cry during the sad songs, though.
AND I'd cry during the happy ones.
It was just because I felt like I connected with her words on a whole other level.
I knew what she was talking about because well, she's my age and she sings songs that people can connect with. That people can relate to.

Oh! I just love her so much!
She's such a sweetheart and just so wonderful!
I can't wait! I can't wait! I can't wait!

I know people will laugh at me for this post but you know what? I DON'T CARE! I'M SO EXCITED!

Goodbye for the day but while I'm gone, enjoy this lovely picture collection that I've put together of the lovely T. Swift:


xoxo BYE!

February 9, 2011

Take Me Away

Can you just take me away?

Sweep me off my feet?

On a ship of raging waters with the mermaids?

On a plane amongst marshmallows and birds?

On a train full of magic and men with pipes?

In a car on a lonely country road?

On a moped riding outside the Cathedral of Pisa or the Eiffel Tower?

Walking hand in hand looking at large mountains or down Grand Canyon's?

Riding a horse where there is nothing but green trees and beautiful horizons?

Let's not worry about what we have to do tomorrow.

Let's only worry about today.

Come on. We'll have an adventure.

February 8, 2011

Planet Earth

Have you ever watched that show?
Let me tell you,
it's sure something to watch!

I love it so much because I kind of have this thing where I get really dorky and excited about wild animals.

I mean, how cool is it that there are these massive creatures roaming around in the bush and under the water? And they live this whole life, kind of like how we live it, but just less civilized? It's really, really neat.

Some of my favorite parts that I've seen so far (and I've only watched two episodes) are shown in the following:

February 7, 2011

Wonderful Weekend

Full of family and friends!

I finally had a Sunday Dinner at home. It's been so long since my family and I enjoyed eachother's company.

I really need to start taking more pictures.

February 4, 2011

No Work Outs This Week

I didn't exercise once this week.

Not once!

I wasn't in the mood.

I think it's because I skipped out on Zumba on Monday and then had zero motivation for the rest of the week.

Going to Zumba really allows me to get pumped up about the gym that week. So I must go to Zumba unless other arrangements get in the way (like what happened on Monday).


P.S. Remember my BOSU Ball class that almost made me vomit? I want to do that again! Never in my life have I ever felt more fulfilled by a workout! So much fun!

A Weekly Gratitude-Generic Thank you's

So, recently I've been dealing with quite a bit of stress.

My contract is coming up soon at my job and I really have no idea what I'm going to do after that.

I'm constantly being reminded to just not think about it and try and remain calm about the whole situation, but it's really not that easy.

So, considering there is really nothing I can do about that situation, I can be thankful for the great things that I have in my life right now. And courtesy of Tatiana of Love, Life, Lace, I decided to start "A Weekly Gratitude". A great way to look at the bright side of life. A method on remembering not to sweat the small stuff. A way to say thanks to this things in life that make you smile!

So here it is, my first post!

1. My family. Even though we don't always get along, I know that they have my best interest at heart.
Dad: I do know that you're doing nothing but looking out for me, even though I don't seem like I appreciate it sometimes.
2. Music. I honestly wouldn't be anywhere without music. If you have any good music recommendations, I'm always open to hearing new artists and songs. The only refrainment I have is metal (screaming). Nope. Sorry. Can't do it.
3. Love. And I mean this in all aspects. The love I have for my friends. The love I have for my boyfriend. The love I have for my family and pets. The love I have for nature. The love I have for life in general. Love is such an amazing concept... even though it's too big to grasp, don't be intimidated. Love can be scary but also very beautiful. Embrace it. It's one of life's amazing miracles.
4. My friends. I'm so glad that I know I have friends that I can trust and who will be there for me no matter what. I'm sorry, but if you have given me any reason to not trust you ( and I mean extreme reasons ) you probably aren't in my life anymore for a reason. Out with the bad and in with the good. My personal advice? I wouldn't worry about someone who isn't worried about you. And that's the truth.
5. And lastly, my new found happiness in general. For once in my life, I am just so...content. I am a post secondary graduate, I have amazing friends, I'm close with my family, I'm in love, I'm healthier than I've ever been, I have an exciting job...there's just so much happiness in my life, I'm ready to burst! For once, I just have the perfect balance.

**Although, I do still have my bad days. I try to not let my sensitivities and negativity get in the way of my happiness. When I'm whining or complaining about something, I DO try and think about what it is that I'm concerned about and if I really have any reason to be upset. Thinking positively usually outrules the negatives.

Unless of course I have PMS, then I'm just a lost cause!