February 28, 2011

My Weekend and an Oscar Rant

Hi everyone!

Hope all of your weekend were just fantastic!

I didn't really do much this weekend, to be honest with you... it was very relaxing.

However, I did spend $90 dollars yesterday at the mall. I pretty much indulged myself in casual clothes to wear when I'm NOT working.

I did go to the gym. On my own. And you know what's funny? I actually WANTED to go. (Side note: I'm going to BOSU Ball class tonight... Be prepared for a "Why did I do that to myself" post. Ha!)

I spent a lot of time with my family and catching up on shows.

I spent a lot of time with John also.

And last but not least, John and I made a really delicious dinner last night! We made a pizza ... with pre-made pizza dough and pre-made sauce (one day I'm going to take a day and make my own crust and my own sauce though) and then he made a delicious caeser salad. We then enjoyed some beer and watched the Oscars! It was such a wonderful night!!


I don't even think you want to know my opinion on "The King's Speech" winning Best Motion Picture. ARE YOU SERIOUS? I mean, it was a well made movie and all, but the other movies deserved it far more. I'm sorry, but "The King's Speech" was boring. It was well made, well acted and well written, but it was boring.

A movie like "127 hours" which pretty much ONLY had James Franco in it, and managed to hold our attention throughout the whole thing was far more deserving.

Or True Grit with that little 14 year old girl who was absolutely phenomonal with an exciting adventure and a hilarious Jeff Bridges...far more deserving!

The Social Network which every aspect had me involved, from the soundtrack to the story to the acting....LIKE COME ON!!

So annoyed!

But whateva.

PS How gorgeous did Hailee Steinfeld look?


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