February 25, 2011

Weekly Gratitude February 25th

Hi everyone!

Well this week has definitely been an interesting one, and that's the truth!

Let me take a few minutes to say what I'm grateful for:

  • Thanks to everyone who is helping me with my car purchase! It's definitely a difficult and stressful process but all of your input is helping me immensely! I know so much more about vehicles than I ever have before.
  • Thanks to my friends for hanging out with me last Sunday. It was a really fun sleepover and very very necessary!
  • Thank you to Glee for being constantly inspirational and hilarious. Such a good mix for a show.
  • Thanks to my office for being so stable and for being such a relaxing place to work in.
  • Thank you to "trust". It's definitely nice to feel needed. (I promise I'll be there no matter what!)
  • Thank you, gym, for being the kick in the ass that I needed. Just suck it up and go. Just suck it up and go.
  • Thank you, Wendy's Asiago Ranch Chicken Burger thing, you are delicious! Although, I'm not sure I should be thanking you...
  • Thanks, John, for being the strongest person I know. :) Love.
  • Thanks, weather, for finally getting a little bit warmer. I can't wait to wear shorts and tanks and sunglasses again. To oil myself up, lay outside in the sun while reading a good book!


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