February 18, 2011

Weekly Gratitude-February 18th.

I's time to throw those counter-active thoughts out the window and take some time to say what I'm most thankful for...enjoy:

  • I'm so thankful that my credit rating is good which led me to get pre-approved for a car loan! New wheels, here I come!
  • I'm thankful for the differences in people. I appreciate arguments and conflicts of interest. It helps us grow and embrace eachother further.
  • Embarrasingly enough, Justin Bieber. Say what you will about how he's talentless, but I'm sorry. He isn't. Have you SEEN Never Say Never? Kid was playin' drums at the age of (4?) and let me tell you, the Drums are not easy. It's all about counting. And he can play countless instruments and actually has a good voice. Hopefully the fact that every 12 year old girl in the world is in love with him won't get to his head too much.
  • I'm thankful or the weekend in general. I had the flu this week and have been very tired. I'd love to take a nap and have a cuddle sesh with John and then maybe go out for a bit. Ahh, yes. Sounds ideal.
  • I'm grateful for my sister turning 13 on Monday. While many of her friends aren't the greatest examples, she hasn't let the troublesome effects of peer pressure influence her.
  • I'm thankful for love in general. Please don't forget that people argue, and you need to remember that those arguments only make you stronger. Try not to let negative words and spite effect your relationships (with anybody). It's not worth it. And while you may be bitter for a while, don't forget the feeling you have inside of you and that you will eventually, get over it and move on.
And last but not least...

  • I'm thankful for Valentine's Day. John gave me the most beautiful and memorable Valentine's Day I've ever had. Pictures are coming, just have to upload them (haha!)

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