June 30, 2012


I'm feeling super bummed today and was gonna just rant about all my "woes", but when I read Danielle's currently post, I decided to just talk about my feelings constructively. Even though I'm probably just being a whiner.

Loving: Being out on the lake. My favorite thing in the world is to go out to John's camp and just drink some beverages while having a delicious meal. All while sitting out by the lake! That's my idea of a perfect day. :)

Reading: A Song of Ice and Fire Series: A Feast for Crows (4th book). Seriously guys, these books are phenomenal. I'm sure you've heard of the epic show "Game of Thrones". If you like the show, please do me a favor, and read the books. You won't regret it. I never thought I'd like such a heavy novel based on kings, queens, fantasy, royal politics, etc.. but the writing just draws you right in, the characters are practically real, and the storylines are shocking.

Watching: The last season of Friday Night Lights. I'm stretching it out though because I don't want it to end, ha. I'll probably finish it this weekend because I'm a loner on Canada Day Weekend. Sigh.

Anticipating: Monday! Here's where I start to whine. John is out camping with all his friends and I was supposed to go but now that I have a part time job and not Monday to Friday hours, I have to work so I can't go. I'm super bummed out about this. There's nothing I love more than being by the lake and on such a special weekend, it's even more exciting. But instead, I'm working and none of my friends are able to do anything on my off hours, so I'm literally going to be laying in bed all weekend watching TV. Such an exciting life I lead. Ugh.

Listening to: If I Die Young-The Band Perry. This song is so, so beautiful. I love how the format of the song is different from most and the message is just so enticing.

Planning: Our big move on August 1st. We have so much to do so July is going to be our month for that. We have a lot of things to pay for and not a whole lot of money right now so should be interesting. But I'm so ready for this.

Working on: Not being so whiny about everything and controlling my temper. Sometimes I can act like a 5 year old when handling situations and if something doesn't go the way I want it to, I get really angry. That needs to really stop. That's what Tiny Buddha is for! :)

Wishing: That I was camping with everyone or that I at least had plans for Canada Day. I'm seriously expecting this weekend to be horrible because I feel miserable about it.

Any ways to turn my mood around and have fun on my own? I was thinking of getting creative with some baking maybe. 

June 29, 2012

Jill's Grad

My little sister graduated Grade 8 this week. Can you believe that?
My parents actually managed to be friendly with eachother at the dinner as well. I don't think I've heard them speak nicely to eachother since they separated when I was in grade 6. Geez.
I can't believe she's going to be entering high school.
And Jill-if you're reading this, be smart and be good and if you ever find yourself in a sticky situation, please, feel free to call me and I'll try and save you :)

Where I Am Happiest

I actually took this pic myself, can you believe it? I got a really nice camera for Christmas but I gave up on learning how to use it because I found it too difficult. So last night when me and John went out to the lake, I practiced using my camera while he was cooking dinner and I actually managed to learn a few things!
I know it's such a small accomplishment, but I'm really proud of this photo. I think it's so pretty and I even edited it a bit.

So last night while John and I were out at his camp, I couldn't stop saying how happy I was to be there. I mean, I ALWAYS say that but this time I really meant it.

Things are so peaceful out there and it's as if all your worries just go away. Last weekend was a little crappy and things have felt sort of off ever since, but last night it was like I got to hit a refresh button and now things feel normal again and I couldn't be happier. We went swimming in the lake, hopped in the sauna, ate a delicious dinner and had lots of delicious drinks and oh my gosh, we are so happy while out there.

I told John when it comes the time for us to buy a house together, we should seriously considering getting one on the lake that's close to town. I honestly think that getting to see the beautiful image of the lake every night and every morning could ever get old. I really don't.

Where are you happiest?

Blog Awards

I was so pleased when I received a comment from Maude saying that she nominated me for some blog awards that are going around.
I didn't even know something like this existed? So it was definitely really nice to hear.
I was nominated by Maude for the following awards:

So I suppose now I have to pay it forward?

Once a blogger is fortunate enough to be recognized, here are the rules of passing on this encouragement to others:
1) Thank your nominator (and link back!).
2) Nominate 5 other blogs, with less than 200 followers and post a comment on each blog letting them know they have been given the award.
3) Copy and paste the award onto your blog.

The rules of the award are as follows:
  1. Thank the Blogger who nominated you.
  2. Include a link to their site.
  3. Include the award image to your post.
  4. Include the award image on your blog.
  5. Give 7 random facts about yourself.
  6. Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award.
  7. When nominating other bloggers, include links to their sites.
  8. Let those bloggers know they have been nominated.

7 Random facts about myself:
  • I'm deathly afraid of mice to the point where if I see one, my entire body freezes and I can barely move.
  • Sometimes if I think a bad thought, I have to say "Don't Jix It" 3 times in order for the bad thought to not come true. Weird, I know.
  • My favorite place to be in the world is by the lake. That's where I'm happiest.
  • I have a huge addiction to my cell phone to the point where my hand cramps up from using it too often.
  • I really like fantasy novels, movies and TV Shows. Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, The Hobbit.. I also really like RPG Video Games like Dragon Age and Fable.
  • I'm an overthinker and a worrier by nature.
  • Ever since I quit my full time job, I feel at ease and I'm not as tired as I used to be.

Okay so now I have to nominate some other bloggers. So I nominate:

Have fun!

June 25, 2012

Weekend Recap

Right now in my city, our water levels are SUPER high because of all the rain we've been getting (hence the flooding) so I thought it'd be a good idea if yesterday John & I went to Kakabeka Falls (about 30 minutes away from where we live) to see the rapid falls and the high water levels! It was seriously a wonder how beautiful the falls looked. We even saw a rainbow within the water!
Also, the water was rushing so fast and high up that when you'd stand at a certain viewing point, you'd get soaking wet. Also, they had one of the viewing areas blocked off because the water was touching the walkway... yeah. Crazy!

We finished off the day by barbecuing some steaks (and when I say I, I mean John), and having way too many drinks for a Sunday. My weekend wasn't the greatest to be honest but I won't get into that here, but let's just say yesterday was a refreshing and fun way to end off the weekend.
I hope you had a great one too! What did you do?

June 21, 2012

New Job

Yesterday was my very first day working at Swiss Chalet and I have ONE thing to say.
Holy crap.
What a work out! I'm not even joking. I probably sound like such a wimp but after 2 years of sitting in an office at a desk job, running around for 7.5 hours are gonna make me fit as hell. My legs were so sore after work!

The hours for the job are sort of whacky, like yesterday I worked from 12-3 and then 
I had to go back from 4-8. And today I work 12-4 and have to go back from 5-930. But man, I need these hours! They are going to help pay for mine and John's kitty...oh, and furniture, I guess. 
I can tell it'll be really fun though and will keep me happy until something happens with my new industry. I'm so excited for the future! 

On another note, I still love being at home at different hours of the day, like right now for example. It's 9:41 in the morning and I'm enjoying an iced coffee (made with chocolate milk!) and a delicious bagel and it's soo worth it! The only thing I can't stand is when the girls are getting ready for school, it's like they've never woken up before. Everything is so chaotic. I'm in the basement so I just hear EVERYTHING and it drives me insane. Some mornings I want to cry from the noise. However, they are getting me up and ready for the day instead of sleeping until the last possible second before work... so I guess it's okay. Anyway, I feel genuinely happy about life right now even if some people, like my family, don't understand how I could give up a full time job for this. I think it's really exciting! 

Until next time. :)

June 19, 2012

Best Sandwhich Of All Time!

Because everything tastes better with Avocado right?
Well in this case, it wasn't the avocodo that made the sandwhich burst with flavour in my mouth.. it was the steak! The leftover steak from like 3 days ago. I don't even know if that's healthy lol.

Anyway, yesterday on my first official day off during the week, I was hungry and wanted to eat something super tasty! I don't feel like cooking these days though so that's when I discovered the leftovers in the fridge from the weekend!

There was red peppers, zucchini, eggplant (gross), and a big hunk of delicious steak!

I had an avocodo in the fridge, so decided to use my new found ingredients for the ultimate sandwhich! And it ultimate it was. I'm telling you, the flavours were amazing.

I'm going to keep this sammy in mind for when Johnny & I BBQ and we have a crap ton of leftovers!

If you want to make the sandwhich on purpose though, here's the recipe!

What You'll Need (serves 2):

  • 2 Small Round Sirloin Steaks (seasoned however you want and barbecued)
  • 2 Slices of Havarti Cheese
  • 1 Avacodo
  • 2 Red Peppers
  • 2 Green Peppers
  • 2 Slices of Zucchini
  • 2 Slices of Marble Rye Bread
What To Do:

  1. Make sure all your peppers and your steak are grilled up! Put avocodo to the side (do not grill...obvi). I'm not going to give directions for that because it's straight forward and obvious and I don't have a method for how to season it. Just do it however you want. :) lol aren't I nice?
  2. Put your bread in the toaster! Once it pops, put on a slice of Havarti on each slice of bread. Then put in the microwave to melt it a bit.
  3. Top the bread/cheese up with all your delicious fixings and you have one delicious tasty sandwhich!
Wasn't that the easiest recipe ever?! AND SO GOOD.
You're welcome.

Chances are I'm definitely NOT the first person to think of this. lol

June 18, 2012

Camp or "Cottage"

John's camp (or Cottage for 90% of you out there...) is by far my favorite place in the world.
It's nice because we can go out there on weeknights when we have to work in the morning because the lake is incredibly close to town.
Basically our nights are spent sauna-ing, going swimming if it's warm enough, having some drinks (my preference: Corona with Lime! mmm) and John cooking up a DELICIOUS bbq. I'm telling you, he's the BBQ guru! SO good.

I think now with my new job and with him starting at 11 for the next 10 weeks, we'll probably have more ability to go out there because we won't have to wake up so early. I have a feeling this summer is going to be spent mainly by the lake. :)

Not So New Start

I was so excited for today when I woke up and realized it was my first day on the new job! I enjoyed a delicious breakfast of some greek yogurt with blueberries and a piece of toast with peanut butter and was ready for my new adventure!

When I got to Swiss Chalet, the manager looked at me and said she had emailed me saying I don't actually start until Wednesday!!! You can imagine the huge forehead slap I gave myself internally at that moment when I had to give the walk of shame out of there! Oops.

As I was driving home, all I could think of was "What the heck am I gonna do for the next two days without work?!" I thought maybe I could go to yoga today but there are no appropriate classes for me...only tomorrow (so that's a definite plan).

And so here I am, no longer in my little nook at the office, but instead at home, sipping coffee while blogging in my sunroom and it feels really good.

I guess my new start isn't today, but Wednesday... you better believe I'm ready for you!!! :)

June 17, 2012

New Beginnings

When I took the plunge to quit my full time job as a Creative Writer, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't incredibly nervous. After all, John and I have a new apartment on the way come August...what if I didn't make enough money serving in order to make ends meet?
Did I make a mistake in quitting?
I thought about that on more than one occasion...but as soon as Friday at 5 rolled around, I knew I had no regrets. Walking out felt...good. I felt a genuine relief inside of me knowing that the opportunities that are headed my way are the right ones. Working with children is what I want to do and in the long run it's what is going to make me happiest. So even though money may be tight for a while, I know in the end, it'll be worth it. Plus, I'm not completely out of the building as I'm still anchoring the weather...another source of income, which is good.
Anchoring and Serving is kind of a weird combination, but I'm so excited for all the new beginnings that are headed my way.
I'd love for you all to join me in my journey as I head back to school, work 2 jobs and enjoy living with someone else for the very first time :)

June 13, 2012

Changes & Stress

Friday is my last day in the Creative Writing Department. The job that gives me a steady pay check every couple of weeks... you know. The job that pays the bills!

I had a minor panic attack today when I thought about how much money I'll need each month in order to make ends meet and it's definitely not going to be an easy task.

I'm going to have to work SO much while I'm in school this fall in order to pay the rent, car payments, insurance, etc... Ugh I'm getting stressed just thinking about it! 

But I mean, I'm on a contract in Creative that comes up in August. Not only that, I would also would LOVE to help out some kids who don't have anyone else to guide them and help them see the light, ya know? And that's where the schooling comes in.

Another thing that's getting me down, is often times when I try to explain to someone (mainly family members) that I quit my job to work in a restaurant, they don't understand why I would do such a thing. They aren't getting my direction. I keep saying, I wouldn't have a job come August anyway and I'll still be Weather Anchoring at the same company.. but it doesn't seem like it's enough of an explanation to them. Sigh. 

I guess I just have to stop caring what other people think and do what I know is best for me right now.

I mean, it'll be hard for a few years but in the end, it'll definitely pay off and be worth it.

Lunch in Paris

I had the pleasure of finishing this book while I was basking out in the sun on Sunday.

If you have a passion for cooking and food, I highly recommend this sweet little book!
Think, "Eat, Pray, Love" but with the basis being all things French Cooking, French Eating, Love & Passion, daily trips to the market, and recipes at the end of each chapter!

I enjoyed every moment of this story and it really inspired me to be more courageous in the kitchen when trying new things.

Hello Again

It's been a while since I used this blog and let me explain why.
I made this one private because I felt like it wasn't good enough. I know, I know.
Originally titled, "My Daydream", I started the blog when I was just graduating from college and I was bored. As I started to become more familiar with the blogging community, I felt like I needed to keep up with what everyone else was doing in order to be "successful" whatever that means.

So that's when I started a blog that I don't even remember the name of and began to hate blogging because I was trying to be someone I wasn't, so I deleted that one too and I quit.

Then I realized I really MISSED blogging, so I made a new blog called "Cinnamon & Spice" where I only post what I want and when I want which is mostly food. But sometimes other things too.

Anyway, recently I was looking over "My Daydream" blog and reading some of my old posts. I started to feel guilty because as I was reading through, I realized the blog was based solely on my writing and my feelings. I was going through some rough times when I first started but you can see my slowly becoming happier as I found love, a career and more. I spoke about how I didn't like always being behind the camera which is funny, because now I'm in front of it as a Weather Anchor. I posted about how I was looking for love in all the wrong places so I wanted to focus only on myself, and guess what? I found it! A really deep, mind blowing love!

So I decided to take all my new posts from "Cinnamon & Spice" and combine them with the posts from "My Daydream" to make one big blog.

So here I am and here I stay, for good.

Hello again!

June 12, 2012

The Avacodo.

Lately, I've been absolutely OBSESSED with Avacodo. I've been using it for almost everything I cook and even throw it in healthy snacks!

It tastes good in salad, it tastes good as dips (guacamole), it tastes good as spreads, it tastes good on it's own!!

Over the weekend, I decided to get creative and create a fruit bowl with strawberries, plums, apples, avacodo and cinnamon sugar!!! Holy crap it tasted good!

So if you want some added sweetness to your avacodo fruit bowl, sprinkle some cinnamon sugar over top and I guarantee you'll be drooling! :)

K bye.

June 11, 2012

Instagram Dump/Weekend Recap

This weekend was seriously awesome. I did so much but still had time to sit outside in the sun and enjoy a good book!

Friday night, got a much needed haircut and then went out for dinner for one of my best friend Andrea's going away party (insert sad face here).

Saturday night, John and I went to a BBQ for his friend's return from Thailand. There was delicious food and John's friends are always hilarious and fun to be around so it was a good time.

And Sunday, I went for a run where I practically ran for 30 minutes straight with only a few short pauses! I guess yoga helps with endurance? Regardless, I was proud of myself.. but my legs hate me today. For the rest of the day, I sat outside in the sun all day where I enjoyed a delicious fruit & avacodo plate with Cinnamon and finished the book Lunch in Paris.

Now, I'm ready for my last week writing for Dougall Media! Eep!

P.S. How cute is Walter?

Summer Vegetable Quinoa Salad

After a much needed hot yoga session on Saturday Morning, I wanted something light and delicious to eat for lunch!
So I sort of just whipped up this concoction with a little help from the suggested recipe on the back of the quinoa box. :)
It was really yummy.. but you need to eat lots in order to feel full.

What You'll Need:

  • Avacodo
  • Tomatoes
  • Red Onions
  • Cucumber
  • Quinoa (I just make a big batch and store what I don't use in the fridge for recipes throughout the week!)
  • 3 tbs of Olive Oil
  • 3 tbs of Red Wine Vinegar
  • Salt & Pepper to Taste
  • 1/2 tsp Red Chili Flakes
  • 1 garlic minced
What To Do:
  1. It's pretty straightforward, but mix up your salad dressing and set aside.
  2. Cook your quinoa according to the box.
  3. Chop up your veggies
  4. Add the dressing and the quinoa to the veggie bowl.
  5. Enjoy? lol

June 7, 2012


I went home for lunch today and decided to enjoy the sunshine before I had to go back to my desk job. I basically just sat there and thought about all the things that are going to be happening in my life sooner than later!

My last day as a Creative Writer is on June 15th and I'm starting to get really anxious for all the big changes coming up in my life. I start my serving job on June 18th and will hopefully be working there a lot to prepare for our big move on August 1st which is a whole other change in itself.

It feels like it's still so far away before we take the next big step in our relationship but I know it's going to be here before we know it!

The past week we had to house sit his Mom's while she was out of town and it's been so nice, just the two of us... doing what we both want to do whether it's together or seperate. It's nice to have that comfort of knowing that we're both just in the other room... there's no waiting to hang out, waiting for him to pick me up to go out, etc. We're both just there and there's something so comforting about it.

I seriously can't wait.

Parm Cheese & Bread Crumb Coated Asparagus

I found this recipe on Pinterest from a really cool new food blog I found!! Go check them out!

Last night, John and I had to babysit my stepsister. We had tons of food that we bought at the beginning of the week to cook up so we thought we'd have a barbecue! I had a bunch of Asparagus saved so when I found this recipe, I thought I'd try something new. My boyfriend wasn't a fan, but my step sister and me loved it! Best part? It's SO easy!

What You'll Need:
  • One Bunch of Asparagus
  • 1 tsp of Chili Powder
  • 1/2 cup of Bread Crumbs (I used Panko)
  • 1/2 cup of Parmesan Cheese
  • Salt & Pepper to Taste
  • 1 egg, beaten.
What To Do:
  1. Preheat Oven to 350 degrees. Lay out some tinfoil on a baking sheet and put olive oil or PAM on it.
  2. Mix together your bread crumbs, cheese, salt & pepper and chili powder.
  3. Dip each stem of asparagus (make sure to cut off the ends) in the beaten egg and then in the bread mixture.
  4. Once all asparagus stems are coated, put in the oven for 15-18 minutes or until asparagus is soft.
  5. Enjoy!

June 5, 2012

Hunger Games Soundtrack

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today.
For some reason, I was wide awake from 4-6 in the morning...so to say that I'm tired today would be a complete understatement. Poor John has to put up with cranky me... and I'm really cranky.

Something getting me through the day today is the beautiful music from the Hunger Games. It really relates to the story but you can compare it to real life too and the struggles and stresses we face from everyday life!

For example, I'm super excited to be moving in with John come August, but it's going to be bittersweet not living with my parents anymore... I mean that's all I've ever known so it's definitely weird. But that doesn't mean I'm any less excited. But ya gotta grow up sometime!

June 4, 2012

Beef Stroganoff

Last night for dinner, I made a really delicious Beef Stroganoff.
I didn't take any pictures though and let's face it, it's not the most attractive recipe in the world... but it sure did taste good!
I'm more so writing this out for my OWN reference because everytime I make it, I stress out because I can never find an exact recipe that I'm willing to follow.
So now that I'm a bit more confident when it comes to cooking, I somehow managed to make my own and it's definitely the one I'll be using time and time again. So I need to write out, or I'll forget.

Beef Stroganoff

What You'll Need:

  • One Large Sirloin Steak (the better the cut, the better it tastes!)
  • 1 tsp prepared mustard
  • 3 tbs sour cream
  • 3 tbs white flour
  • 1 can of beef broth
  • 1 green pepper
  • 1/2 yellow onion
  • salt & pepper to taste
  • 5-6 tbs of butter
  • Egg Noodles
What To Do:
  1. Trim the fat off the Sirloin Steak and cut into narrow strips and then cut the narrow strips into halves.
  2. Salt & Pepper both sides of the Meat to taste.
  3. Start cooking your egg noodles according to the package.
  4. Dice the green pepper and the onion.
  5. Put in 2-3 tablespoons of butter in the frying pan on medium high heat. Once it melts, add in the steak and make sure the meat is browned all the way through (or so the way I like it) and on both sides.
  6. Remove the meat from the pan, set aside.
  7. Add in 2-3 tablespoons in the same pan you used for the meat and wait for it to melt. Add in your green peppers and onions. Cook for about 5 minutes until the peppers are soft the onions are browning on the outside.
  8. Slowly, pour in one can of beef broth. Mix in the flour. The sauce will begin to thicken.
  9. Add in your beef and mix together.
  10. Add in sour cream and mustard.
  11. Cook until sauce is thoroughly mixed, thick and hot.
  12. Serve over egg noodles.
Serves 2.

June 1, 2012

Huge, Massive Changes

My life has managed to spin in a completely different direction that I ever dreamed possible.
The biggest thing is that I quit my full time Creative Writing job to be a server at Swiss Chalet.
Let me explain.
My contract in writing is up come August and there were no opportunities here for me when it's over. So after 2 years, I decided to look for work elsewhere in preperation for going back to school in September! ANOTHER huge change. I'll be taking the Child & Youth Care program which I believe will make me happier in the long run anyway then working in media. At the end of the day, I'll be able to say that I helped people and that means a lot to me. I'll still be working as a part time Weather Anchor at the station for the extra experience & money. Basically, come September, I'll be SUPER busy as I'll be studying, working and trying to pay for everything I have to pay for. I'm getting tired just thinking about it! But I'm 100% sure I can do this as I am one determined cookie. And when you're determined, you can do anything!

The pictures above are from last night when John & I went out to the lake!!! I was telling him last night that I'm the happiest when we're out there in the quiet. Everytime we go, we just have such a blast. It's always the same thing.. BBQing a delicious dinner, having some drinks, sauna's, and talking until we get tired. I wish we could live out there but alas...

Have a great weekend!