June 13, 2012

Hello Again

It's been a while since I used this blog and let me explain why.
I made this one private because I felt like it wasn't good enough. I know, I know.
Originally titled, "My Daydream", I started the blog when I was just graduating from college and I was bored. As I started to become more familiar with the blogging community, I felt like I needed to keep up with what everyone else was doing in order to be "successful" whatever that means.

So that's when I started a blog that I don't even remember the name of and began to hate blogging because I was trying to be someone I wasn't, so I deleted that one too and I quit.

Then I realized I really MISSED blogging, so I made a new blog called "Cinnamon & Spice" where I only post what I want and when I want which is mostly food. But sometimes other things too.

Anyway, recently I was looking over "My Daydream" blog and reading some of my old posts. I started to feel guilty because as I was reading through, I realized the blog was based solely on my writing and my feelings. I was going through some rough times when I first started but you can see my slowly becoming happier as I found love, a career and more. I spoke about how I didn't like always being behind the camera which is funny, because now I'm in front of it as a Weather Anchor. I posted about how I was looking for love in all the wrong places so I wanted to focus only on myself, and guess what? I found it! A really deep, mind blowing love!

So I decided to take all my new posts from "Cinnamon & Spice" and combine them with the posts from "My Daydream" to make one big blog.

So here I am and here I stay, for good.

Hello again!

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