June 29, 2012

Where I Am Happiest

I actually took this pic myself, can you believe it? I got a really nice camera for Christmas but I gave up on learning how to use it because I found it too difficult. So last night when me and John went out to the lake, I practiced using my camera while he was cooking dinner and I actually managed to learn a few things!
I know it's such a small accomplishment, but I'm really proud of this photo. I think it's so pretty and I even edited it a bit.

So last night while John and I were out at his camp, I couldn't stop saying how happy I was to be there. I mean, I ALWAYS say that but this time I really meant it.

Things are so peaceful out there and it's as if all your worries just go away. Last weekend was a little crappy and things have felt sort of off ever since, but last night it was like I got to hit a refresh button and now things feel normal again and I couldn't be happier. We went swimming in the lake, hopped in the sauna, ate a delicious dinner and had lots of delicious drinks and oh my gosh, we are so happy while out there.

I told John when it comes the time for us to buy a house together, we should seriously considering getting one on the lake that's close to town. I honestly think that getting to see the beautiful image of the lake every night and every morning could ever get old. I really don't.

Where are you happiest?

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