June 7, 2012


I went home for lunch today and decided to enjoy the sunshine before I had to go back to my desk job. I basically just sat there and thought about all the things that are going to be happening in my life sooner than later!

My last day as a Creative Writer is on June 15th and I'm starting to get really anxious for all the big changes coming up in my life. I start my serving job on June 18th and will hopefully be working there a lot to prepare for our big move on August 1st which is a whole other change in itself.

It feels like it's still so far away before we take the next big step in our relationship but I know it's going to be here before we know it!

The past week we had to house sit his Mom's while she was out of town and it's been so nice, just the two of us... doing what we both want to do whether it's together or seperate. It's nice to have that comfort of knowing that we're both just in the other room... there's no waiting to hang out, waiting for him to pick me up to go out, etc. We're both just there and there's something so comforting about it.

I seriously can't wait.

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