June 13, 2012

Changes & Stress

Friday is my last day in the Creative Writing Department. The job that gives me a steady pay check every couple of weeks... you know. The job that pays the bills!

I had a minor panic attack today when I thought about how much money I'll need each month in order to make ends meet and it's definitely not going to be an easy task.

I'm going to have to work SO much while I'm in school this fall in order to pay the rent, car payments, insurance, etc... Ugh I'm getting stressed just thinking about it! 

But I mean, I'm on a contract in Creative that comes up in August. Not only that, I would also would LOVE to help out some kids who don't have anyone else to guide them and help them see the light, ya know? And that's where the schooling comes in.

Another thing that's getting me down, is often times when I try to explain to someone (mainly family members) that I quit my job to work in a restaurant, they don't understand why I would do such a thing. They aren't getting my direction. I keep saying, I wouldn't have a job come August anyway and I'll still be Weather Anchoring at the same company.. but it doesn't seem like it's enough of an explanation to them. Sigh. 

I guess I just have to stop caring what other people think and do what I know is best for me right now.

I mean, it'll be hard for a few years but in the end, it'll definitely pay off and be worth it.


Pretzel Thief said...


Do I ever hear you on the "stop caring what other people think" bit...! And yeah, it can be hella hard because older family members can sometimes be set in their ways and have tunnel vision and think that there's only one right way to do things.

Which we all know is crap.


Still, though, their criticism can sting and cause residual sadness...but these are all just lousy growing pains we have to get through. And don't take it to heart when family members seem critical -- your direction is YOUR direction, and it's not for them to understand.

Onwards and upwards!

Wishing you the best of luck with everything. :-)

Jessica said...

Yeah you're one 100% right in that. When you're older and have been doing the same thing for years, you think it's the right thing to stay in a job you're not happy in just because it pays the bills. but that's not what life should be about you know?!

thanks for your advice, I really appreciate it. :)


Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

Don't forget to breath!!!

christine donee said...

Keep up the big-picture thinking! Definitely worth it.

Ariel Tyler said...

As stressful as life can be, sometimes you just have to take a deep break and deal with everything as it comes. I hope everything gets less stressful for you very soon!

Pretzel Thief said...

You're most welcome, m'dear, any time! And thank YOU for your lovely comment on my blog -- I've responded to it there directly. And I'm following you now, and so I'm thinking we should follow each other and be bloggy friends, not least because of our mutual love for the brilliant Friday Night Lights and the delicious Luke Cafferty (bwah!)...what do you think? ;-) Heh heh.

Jessica said...

Wow. Thanks everyone for all the support and kind words! I really, really appreciate it.

@pretzelthief.. I think I did follow you actually the other day! :)