June 11, 2012

Instagram Dump/Weekend Recap

This weekend was seriously awesome. I did so much but still had time to sit outside in the sun and enjoy a good book!

Friday night, got a much needed haircut and then went out for dinner for one of my best friend Andrea's going away party (insert sad face here).

Saturday night, John and I went to a BBQ for his friend's return from Thailand. There was delicious food and John's friends are always hilarious and fun to be around so it was a good time.

And Sunday, I went for a run where I practically ran for 30 minutes straight with only a few short pauses! I guess yoga helps with endurance? Regardless, I was proud of myself.. but my legs hate me today. For the rest of the day, I sat outside in the sun all day where I enjoyed a delicious fruit & avacodo plate with Cinnamon and finished the book Lunch in Paris.

Now, I'm ready for my last week writing for Dougall Media! Eep!

P.S. How cute is Walter?


I am Megan said...

Walter is soooo freaking cute! He looks like one big bundle of love!

Jessica said...

yeah he totally is!
he's so animated and reminds me of a small toddler.. but furry. lol