June 21, 2012

New Job

Yesterday was my very first day working at Swiss Chalet and I have ONE thing to say.
Holy crap.
What a work out! I'm not even joking. I probably sound like such a wimp but after 2 years of sitting in an office at a desk job, running around for 7.5 hours are gonna make me fit as hell. My legs were so sore after work!

The hours for the job are sort of whacky, like yesterday I worked from 12-3 and then 
I had to go back from 4-8. And today I work 12-4 and have to go back from 5-930. But man, I need these hours! They are going to help pay for mine and John's kitty...oh, and furniture, I guess. 
I can tell it'll be really fun though and will keep me happy until something happens with my new industry. I'm so excited for the future! 

On another note, I still love being at home at different hours of the day, like right now for example. It's 9:41 in the morning and I'm enjoying an iced coffee (made with chocolate milk!) and a delicious bagel and it's soo worth it! The only thing I can't stand is when the girls are getting ready for school, it's like they've never woken up before. Everything is so chaotic. I'm in the basement so I just hear EVERYTHING and it drives me insane. Some mornings I want to cry from the noise. However, they are getting me up and ready for the day instead of sleeping until the last possible second before work... so I guess it's okay. Anyway, I feel genuinely happy about life right now even if some people, like my family, don't understand how I could give up a full time job for this. I think it's really exciting! 

Until next time. :)


christine donee said...

go you! and go sore legs! they'll get used to it after a while ;)

Laura @Travelocafe said...

Kitty deserves the best... humans are slaves for their kittens and need to work hard to provide for them. :)