March 26, 2012

First Post: A Pinning Life

I took a couple of stabs at blogging and was losing my overall joy in the activity... Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love reading other people's blogs but I just wasn't feeling the passion in my own. I thought that I needed a more exciting life in order to create a more exciting blog. 

One day, I was on my beloved Pinterest pinning a TON of recipe's which I loved the look of, but had yet to try. 
That's when it hit me!

Why waste all this time pinning recipes that looked delicious but never actually stepping into the kitchen and seeing what they tasted like?

I thought, hey! That's actually a really great blog idea. Taking the recipes I've found on my Pinterest and blogging about them. Actually keeping track of my progress on Pinterest, working on my cooking skills by trying ahhhmazing new recipes, and working on some photography skills with the nice camera I never use!

And you never know, if I ever find any cool DIY projects or Home Decor ideas on Pinterest, maybe I'll post them here to? 

You can find my Pinterest Here

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