March 27, 2012

Pinterest: Home Decor Ideas

Lately there has been some pretty amazing changes in mine and my boyfriend John's lives (see below), I can see us moving out and getting our very own little home soon.
So you can see why my Home Decor Pinterest Board is overflowing with lots of fun ideas.
I can't wait to put them to use hopefully sooner than later.
Here are some of my favorites:

 This Bedroom. I dream of a white bedroom with either bright coloured or even soft coloured accents like brown or beige (or for bright: yellow!)

 This Foyer. I'm such a sucker for bright colours... and I love the way this is organized.

 This house in general. I could totally see me and John living in this...however, doesn't it almost look to perfect and adorable? Le Sigh.

 This kitchen times a million. I am in love with hardword floors and white furniture so this is perfect. (p.s. I could only find Tumblr as a source. If someone could tell me where it's from... much appreciated.)

Do I even have to tell you why I looooveeee this livingroom? I'm obsessed with yellow and hardword floors. Le perfect.

And last but not least, this organizational shoe staircase. I have so many shoes but I hate more than anything that they take up so much space and cause clutter (gross). So this is just awesome.

Those are a few of my favorite Home Decor Pins... let's hope I can put them to use soon... and be able to cook allll thee recipes I want! :) 

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