March 28, 2012

John's Birthday

I LOOOOVE Birthdays! And the most important person in my life has one coming up next week!
So, naturally, I'm planning a delicious dinner this weekend considering we'll probably be going out with his family on his actual birthday... plus it will give me more time to be domesticated. Haha.
I was debating going out for a nice dinner or cooking at home, but after a little conversation with John, I decided to just cook. It'll be much more special that way and it'll save me a bit of money! :)

I've decided to make John a gourmet meal consisting of a delicious (hopefully) roasted chicken, potatoes, vegetables and salad and you KNOW we're going to have red wine.

I'm also going to make cake batter martini's while the food is cooking to cheers to his birthday!! I really hope it turns out.

Image/Recipe Via

I've gotten the majority of these ideas from one of my favorite bloggers, Camilla. Be sure to check out her blog! She always has delicious recipe ideas that are heart (and waistline) happy! :)

Hopefully, my chicken will look something like hers (from Camilla's site):

And I plan to make the following with it:

Yummy Green Salad that I've actually made before (friends of mine, don't be fooled... I'm not trying to "get a ring on it". It's just what she titled the salad)

Roasted Potatoes (explanitory)

Root Vegetables

And I'm trying to figure out if I should make ice cream sandwhiches with John's favorite ice cream or if I should go to Coldstone's or DQ to pick up an ice cream cake.

I love birthdays. :)


Laury Alexander said...

I love that you love my son and love that he loves you too.. xoxo Mom (Laury)

Jessica said...

aw Laury! I'm happy for thsoe things too :)

P.S. the chicken turned out amazing! I'll post pics soon!!!

Love <3