June 22, 2011

Twin Cities/Taylor Swift Trip!

I'm having some serious issues with my photo album from this trip.
I can't upload the pics on facebook. And apparently, I can't upload them now on Blogger.
Today is just NOT my day.

So I'll just tell you about the trip and then try posting some pictures later.

So the first night we got there, we went to the Rainforest Cafe which was obviously delicious and SO cool. John and Jill had never been there before so they were so excited about it. The food was SO good from there, too.
And then we went to Sea Life which is in the Mall of America. At first we though it wasn't really worth 20 dollars but then we got into the big overhead tube aquarium with the massive sharks and sea turtles and it was so awesome! So naturally, we changed our minds about it being worth our money. I was like a little kid in a candy store...or on Christmas morning.

The next day we shopped till we dropped! I spent WAY too much money. And then that evening was Taylor Swift. I was SO excited for this concert, it wasn't even funny. I got so anxious and couldn't even enjoy the opening bands. Before she came on stage, everything was hidden behind a big curtain and she started talking to us and I just got so excited I started to cry. Yes, tease away. I'm embarrasing. It's fine.

T. Swift was so amazing, though. Like, she blew my mind and was just oh so beautiful! So much power and passion in all of her songs. I just love her.

The next day we did MORE shopping (oh, goodness.) and then did Nickelodeon Universe in the mall. It was so much fun, but I can't really do spinny rides so John and Jill bonded lots by going on some pretty crazy rides together. Although, I did go on a really nutty roller coaster where you go up on a 90 degree angle and then go down a really steep drop. It was hilarious and OH SO scary.

And then on our final day, we got lost in the Twin Cities and pretty much did a whole tour of that whole area and ended up in like 4 different places that we shouldn't have been in, all because I accidentally told John to turn on the wrong ramp. We ended up figuring it out (after lots of stress, you can imagine.) but then John was going the wrong way (towards Illinois) so we had to turn around. We got caught in terrible construction too. We didn't get home til midnight and we hit the road at about 1 in the afternoon. So embarrasing.

But that was my trip. Hopefully the pictures will work soon so I can post some.

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