June 1, 2011

One Of Those Not So Great Days

Yesterday I didn't have the best of days, unfortunately.
It was just one of those days where I felt as though nothing was going right and I was pretty much taking everything so personally. All day I couldn't wait to go to the gym but then when around 4-4:30 rolled around I was ready to give up. John asked if I just wanted to go to his house and read on his back deck and that sounded like a way better idea at the time. So I went over to his house and to my surprise, he was barbequing for us! He told me to go relax and sit outside so I got some sun while reading on his back deck. He's so cute because as I was reading, he brought me a glass of wine and it was exactly what I needed at tha time. It was so windy though, but it was still really hot so that was a bonus. Dinner was so delicious too! I'm telling you, that Man can make an amazing BBQ'd dinner, that's for sure. We had porkchops, peppers, potatoes and a salad in which he made his own Balsamic Dressing. SO good!
The rest of the night was so so because I was just super sensitive about everything but then I was able to sleep on it and today is a way better day...thank goodness!!!!

Vancouver VS. Boston tonight. Who's watching?!

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