June 10, 2011

Passport Twist.

So the stupidest thing happened to me this morning.

Just a little pre-note, it took John forever to get his passport. I'm not joking. He literaly got it yesterday. So you can imagine how much stress that caused me and how I kept thinking we weren't going to be able to go.

Anyway, here's the story:

I went to the border about a week ago to go and pick up some packages (it's cheaper to ship to the states when you're from Canada and ORDERING from the States). Anyway, I left my passport in my step mom's car that I took. It wasn't until last night that I realized this (and as all of you know, I'm going to Minneapolis to see Taylor Swift in... let me count... 4 days!!!! oh my god) but the car wasn't there. So then this morning like at the very time I had to leave for work and I was already running late I went into the car to see if it was there and it wasn't. So there's me turning my house upside down trying to find it and my step mom was like "Did you look in the car's glove box?" and I'm like It's not in there!! By the way, at this point, I'm in tears. So I go into the car, look in the glove box, and yep there it was. So I being, well, me, come into the house and yell at the top of my lungs "THANK GOD!! OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD" and she's like "you found it?" pretending to be all innocent. She then proceeds to tell me that her and my Dad went into the car the other day and saw my passport sitting on the floor and my Dad is like "throw it in the glove box to teach her not to leave her passport lying around" SO THEY TRICKED ME !!

So I would have been the one who couldn't go to the states because I didn't have a passport. What a twist.

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