June 6, 2011

To All My Family

I love you more than anything.
I hope you never forget that for even one minute.
Yes, yes. I know. Sometimes I'm not there as often as you might like.
I'm off galavanting in the life of a 21 year old.
Off with my boyfriend. Off with my friends. Off to the movies. Off to the mall. Always... off...somewhere.
And you miss me.
And believe me.
I miss you just as much.

But I need to remember. And, alas, you need to remember.
That that is just it.
I am 21.

I'm no longer a teenager who is just bumming around the house.
I have a life. And I try to manage it between all of those I love most in the world.

My friends. My family. My boyfriend. My job.

And sometimes, well, it's hard. Really hard. But I do it.

Soon, I'll be off on my own with barely a penny to spare. But you know what I'll do? I'll manage just like I've been doing all along.

And you may not see me as often as you like. But I promise I'm always thinking of you and I'll always try to make as much time for you as possible. Because, like I said... I miss you just as much as you miss me.
And I'm always there.
And I've never forgotten.

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