December 29, 2010

A Story Book Post!

I hope everyone's Christmas was just wonderful!

Mine sure was.

Definitely one of the best Christmases I've had in a long, long time.

It was spent with all of the people I care about, eating way too much and even getting some lovely gifts.

Actually, I kept getting distracted as I was opening my own gifts to watch my family open up the presents I gave to them. I just get so excited!

I must admit, I'm very sad that Christmas is over.

Next big thing: New Years!

Oh, New years is going to be so exciting!

I already have my entire evening planned out! I'm not going to bother stating what the events are though. All I know, is it will be tons of fun!

Not to make this post a 300 page novel or anything but...

I've discovered the BEST game!! It's just marvelous!


Have you played it?

It's pretty much the greatest game ever. It's fun and it's a work out. Bye bye gym and hello Wii games! Who knew, right?

And the last update in my life (if you have a queezy stomach don't read any further):

I puked twice last night. :( Like...really? What is happening to my body? I woke up feeling just fine this morning after my little evening escapades last night but now I feel terrible again. I'm supposed to go for lunch today too....water and a cruton anyone?!

Have a wonderful day.

I'll try and feel better...

Don't you worry about me... :(

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