December 17, 2010

This Is One Of My Favorite Things

I really don't have much to say... I really don't have anything to talk about.

However, I will say this one thing that I thought about today:

I was on my "Dashboard" checking to see who's updated their blogs recently, and realized that I kind of get ridiculously excited when my fave bloggers post. I love reading what they have to say. Their posts always manage to brighten up my day, even if my day is already bright. Their new words fill me with laughter, deep thought, sadness, and relief.

I love my blog list.

So, if you notice that I follow you, thanks for brightening up my day. :)


Kell said...

I'm like this with my favorite bloggers too! It just makes me happy to see their updates :)

Anonymous said...

I am confused by this blog.. i want to post a comment...lets see if thisone is published.