May 31, 2010

Moments of the Day courtesy of "A Twisted Fairytale"

song of the day::
"I Go Back" by Kenny Chesney.

taste of the day::
Wonton Chicken Taco's from Applebees. So delicious and kind of reminds me of Summer.

quote of the day::

pleasure of the day::
Exercise followed by a "Sex and the City"-like lunch and baking out in the sun.

peeve of the day::
An awkward sun-burn and money spending.

achievement of the day::
Exercise which will hopefully motivate me to exercise more!

surprise of the day::
Getting set up against my knowledge

anticipation of the day::

procrastination of the day::
Going to work as I left at the last possible minute.

crush of the day::

inspiration of the day::
News Anchor. I always like working with new anchors as they always give me different insight to the industry.

awkward moment of the day::
Getting set-up against my knowledge.

love of the day::

dream of the day::
That someday I will be in front of the camera as opposed to being behind it.

stalked of the day::
New people via Facebook.

word of the day::

laugh of the day::
Justine scarring poor little Taylor for life by slicing a Spruce Bug in half right in front of the 3 year old's eyes.

flashback of the day::
When the Spruce Bug's head and antennas crawled half way across the deck in front of our very eyes and scarred us for life.

nauseous moment of the day::

happy moment of the day::
Knowing that you're doing a good job in your chosen industry and that there is definitely potential for further opportunities.

mood of the day::

obsession of the day::
The sun, fudgesicles, long conversations, and a crave for exercise!

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