September 23, 2012

This Little Monster & A New Career

In recent days, this little monster has basically taken over our lives! She's absolutely adorable but she's also a little terror! She'll nook up against our necks or climb up our legs when we're doing the dishes among other things. We really do love her but she's definitely a daddy's little girl. Isn't that the truth?!

Anyway, last week I mentioned something that I was excited about but couldn't mention it quite yet and while the news is long over due... I got a new job!

I'm an Admissions Director for the Academy of Learning where I basically recruit new students and keep tabs on the current ones (making sure they're going to graduate)!

I'm definitely excited about it and even though I'm not going to school, I'm still helping people who are in need of a boost in morale.

I'm also mega happy about the fact that I have evenings & weekends off again so I can spend time with family & friends. I wish this could have came early on in the summer so I wouldn't have missed out on so much but I'll take it. Plus, Fall is here, the air is cooler and the leaves are changing & I have many fall recipes on the way!

Last night I made an AMAZING lasagna inspired by a recipe I found on AllRecipes. It was delish. I'll post pics & stuff soon! :)

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Anonymous said...

oh my gosh your kitty is so cute! We actually have 5 kittens living under our back deck right now. They are stray cats. Their mama had them under there and so now I have to call the adoption center for animals to come get them. They are pretty dang cute though.