August 23, 2010

Happiness Booster. 11 Things to be Happy About.

1. My new job. Hands down.
2. Being debt free in a couple of weeks!
3. Friendly people around my building of work.
4. Random hello’s and how are you’s.
5. Pink Nail Polish
6. Instead of spending a weekend of binge drinking, spending a weekend with my family, alcohol free.
7. Getting to see my grandma’s happy face when she leaves the hospital (which is very rare).
8. Spending my Sunday night lying on the couch, watching TV without having to worry about going to work that evening at 10pm.
9. Friends that assure you everything will be okay.
10. Realizing that having a boyfriend is completely unnecessary to be happy (Only took me 6 months to realize this). All you need is yourself, your friends and your family.
11. Musical Theatre.

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