August 18, 2010

This Day Needs to End!

I advise all you wonderful readers to not ever fall into a "slump" like the one I've fallen into recently. It involves heavy food consumption and a whole lot of cuddling up under the warmth of a blanket in bed while watching large doses of Sex and the City seasons one through five. I do this by myself, mind you.
I lead quite the exciting life!
I think the cause of this involves the fact that I've made many mistakes in my life and the time I spend alone in bed while watching the ladies of SATC cry about ex boyfriends and careers, helps me to cope with the pain.
Hopefully tomorrow morning my life will get a little bit more exciting.
Please, please, please.

1 comment:

Quincy said...

Find your drive jess, whatever goals you have in life now let that drive you to do whatever you want:)