April 2, 2012

Celebration Dinner: Instagrams

Me and John both found out some great news last Monday about getting new jobs!
He's been looking for a while and finally received a new Marketing job furthering himself in his field which is amazing and I received a position as a part time Weather Anchor... so naturally over the weekend we had to celebrate!

So on Friday night, we went out to the Keg, enjoyed a few glasses of Vino and I had my new (obsession), Lobster Tail! So so good! I always snubbed lobster before because it was sea food and I didn't think I was a fan, but holy moly is it ever good. It sort reminds me of buttered popcorn because when you take a piece of the lobster and dip it in butter, it really just tastes like butter. Haha but it's amazing.

Overall, great date night!

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