April 25, 2012


I'm sort of new to the whole seafood thing but over the past couple months, I've started to really enjoy lobster and even crab!
I've tried Salmon in the past but I always found it very fishy tasting so I turned up my nose to any offerings.
But on Sunday, I ate dinner at John's house and his parents barbecued a herb and wine Salmon and I tried a bit... and holy man was it ever delicious! I didn't taste any fishyness at all!
So last night, I decided that after yoga (and a really bad back strain.. ugh) I was going to bake salmon! And I did.. with dill and lemon.. and I think it turned out pretty good!
I had to mix it in with brown rice though because on it's own, I sort of felt like I was drinking "fish water". That's just how it seemed, okay?! haha.
I'm going to try one more method maybe next week and that's to put maple syrup on it. It might mask the fishy flavour.. but if not.. I'm going to stick to keepin' it on the Barbie! :)
And I forgot to take any pictures because I was too hungry.. but you would've liked the look of it, I promise!

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