August 3, 2012

Moving Update

Hey Guys!
So it's day 3 of us in the new house!!! We are slowly (very slowly) making some progress. The only room that's all decorated and completed (besides a much needed paint job) is our bathroom. All the decor is brown and black and it looks fierce! We have all of our stuff put away in our kitchen but we still need to decorate it.
The day of our move, we had arranged for our couches to be delivered and unfortunately they were so monstrously big that they didn't fit down the stairs. Needless to say, I was in a really pissy mood for the rest of the day but everything happens for a reason, and now we have way better couches on their way tomorrow!  Let's just say I'm extremely excited not to sit on a futon (or have a futon in our livingroom anymore). It's better than sleeping on it though which we've been doing for the past couple of nights because we had no bedding and had yet to set up our bed frame! But that's done now too so we have a bedroom and it looks awesome! We still need end tables and decor (and that's all that will fit cuz it's mini) but I'm really, really happy.
As much as sometimes it's sort of sad that I'm not living at home anymore (I really miss my family and dogs), they're just a phone call away (and a very short drive) so it's not so bad. Plus, I'm living with John now and the privacy is amazing and we're having so much fun. Once we're all settled we're going to have our families over for a barbecue and it's going to be a really nice change.
Anyway, I gotta go because John keeps talking to me from the kitchen and then I keep forgetting what I'm wanting to write down. Plus he's making an amazing steak dinner so I best go help! Plus I'm still in my robe from my shower so I should probably get dressed. I'm allowed to do that now. No judgement.

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Grace said...

Thanks Jessica!!
Sorry I missed you comment but thanks! I hope the move went well! We are so old haha