November 19, 2012

A Pretty View: Photography

These are just a few photos I took at one of our parks here in town.
At first I wasn't a huge fan of that last one but after editing it, I've kinda fallen in love. It has this gloomy, dusky sort of look.

I'm so happy that I'm getting out more and practicing with my camera! I've discovered a couple new settings that really make a photo gorgeous. I definitely hope I can keep up with this craft!

On another note, I made a delicious pasta tonight using a yummy garlic alfredo sauce with chicken, asparagus & red peppers. So good!!!

Also, have you gotten the new WII-U?
John & I got it yesterday and we are obsessed! We bought this game called Scribblenauts and lets just say it's addicting!! Def go get one if you can!

Stay tuned for more practicing photography on my end!
And don't forget to link down below to show me your photos as well! I'm always looking for inspiration :)


Adam Sabaz said...

2nd photo is very nice. Cant go wrong with subject in focus and background out of focus. Composition is very nice as well.

Pretzel Thief said...

Looooove the 2nd and last photos best...! You're kicking photographic ass! :-)

Jessica said...

Thanks Guys!!! Any criticism on photos to come is MUCH welcomed ! :)