July 14, 2010

You Are The Only Exception **

I really don't know what that word actually means...
The topic of love is one of the most intense and meaningful words to us human beings.
It can relate to so many different scenarios.
You can love your dog. You can love your cat. You can love your mom. You can love your dad. You can love your child. You can love your boyfriend. You can love your girlfriend. You can love your husband. You can love your wife.

But what does it mean to love? It's the same word for each type of feeling. But it feels different in every scenario. It means something different.

You have unrequited love for your family. You don't really forget about them.

But when you love a "significant other" sometimes that feeling doesn't last forever like say, with your child.

You think you will love that person forever but then throughout time it fades away.
And not even that (sometimes you WILL love the same person forever), but what happens when you are with someone and think you will always be with that person, and then it all falls apart. Breaks apart in your hands and you are left with nothing but a memory?

Those sort of things just don't happen with family.

But what happens when you bounce back from that heartache and find someone new to give your bandaged up heart to? Do you think it will last forever once again? Do you start fresh? Do you show your bruises?...

Do you stop believing and just participate in the "game of love" just for something to do?

I really don't know what the word love means anymore but "I'm on my way to believing" that unrequited love exists with the same person. I just hope to god that I am right.


meg. said...

this is fantastic.
absolutely brilliant.

Sara said...

You are right! Love is unconditional and it just happens...it ends, too, just like anything else :)