July 12, 2010

Eat, Pray, Love-Complete.

So after a month or so of trying to get through the book, "Eat, Pray, Love," I finally finished it. When I say "trying to get through," let me clarify that it was not because the book was boring or hard to read, I was just caught up in daily activities that caused a barrier with me and my reading.

Allow me to say that this book was: Refreshing, soul cleansing, and inspirational.

Anytime I felt sad, I would pick up this book. Any time my spirits needed uplifting, I would pick up this book.

Something about Liz's journey to Italy, India and Indonesia and the tales she told about her adventures allowed myself to feel hopeful about God and Love.

I'm really not much for Religion and some of my beliefs are all over the place (although that is a topic for another time), but this book was very spiritual and somehow I still found myself wanting to know about her relationship she built with God and her different beliefs. I found that many of her beliefs about religion matched up with my own. Hinduism for example was spoken about in this book briefly, and I found that I believed in a lot of that Faith.

It wasn't all about God though. It had a lot to do with how her travels helped her discover herself and what makes her happy.

So much about this book is a reminder about why being negative is a waste of time and how happiness always wins in the end, no matter what.

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