June 29, 2010

So it seems that lately I have been using my blog as more of a spot to "complain" or to list things that will make me feel happier about life.

I'm okay with that, hopefully you readers are as well, because here comes another "whine".

Yesterday I counted 10 things wrong with my life. TEN THINGS!
I'm not about to list them because, let's face it, no one wants to know about all the little roadblocks in my life when there are so many people who have it far worse than I do.

But I've decided to write ELEVEN things that are good in my life in order to outrule the bad:

1. I'm one of the few graduates of my year to have a job in my field.
2. I have many friends who WANT to spend time with me and who WANT to know about my life.
3. I'm catching up on my debt.
4. My four dogs.
5. The many camping trips and small vacays I will be taking this summer.
6. I have a nice tan.
7. My hair is actually being cooperative for once.
8. I went flying in a small plane.
9. I saw Carrie Underwood and in the meantime fell in love with Craig Morgan!
10. I have a great family.
11. For the first time in months, I feel as though I am able to move on.

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