June 8, 2010

Proof that both of my scripts are written. AKA my radio demo script!

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to the J-Talk radio show. Jessica Kutok hanging out with you today where I will provide you with the hottest hits, life facts the latest news updates and of course all things Hollywood! Coming up in just a few minutes we have some Taylor Swift for ya, Nickleback, and Lady Gaga. But first, I'm gonna let you know what's goin' on in right here in Canada.

A seventeen year old mother has been charged and arrested with manslaughter after her three week old baby was killed by a Syberian Husky. Police say that the baby had been strapped into a baby seat set on the floor-while her mother and grandmother had stepped outside to have a cigarette. While they were outside, the dog attacked and killed the infant. The teen has said to have been released but is required to follow very strict conditions-including being forbidden to take care of children under 12 years old.

It seems that the secretary general for Amnesty International Canada says that even though stun gun use has been improved here in Canada, there needs to be a strict set of national standards. Alex Neve stated that even though they have seen some very welcome restrictions, what they need is consistency and coherence regarding stun gun use across the country. He also stated that there is a time and place for the use of a taser and even though it can be necessary in criminal situations, it needs to be handled appropriately. That's all for news-entertainment is next.

It has been recently reported that Heidi and Spencer have filed for a legal seperation. According to reports, the seperation is due to "irreconciable differences". Heidi will be staying with a member from The Hills' earlier seasons, Jen Bunny. One thing us Hill's fans know for sure, is that Heidi and Spencer love publicity which leaves us asking, is this just another publicity stunt?

After only a few short weeks of wearing a SCRAM anklet because of more legal issues regarding drugs and alcohol, Lindsay Lohan's anklet had been set off. The judge must contact the SCRAM company to see if she had any alcohol in her system or if it was just a malfunction of the anklet. Lindsay Lohan denies the anklet had been set off in the first place.

And that's all for your entertainment news, I'm Jessica Kutok.

Taylor Swift begins and fades out quickly.

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