June 8, 2010

Demo Reel Television Script. Keep in mind I will have pictures throughout the segment.

J-Talk Entertainment Script


This week on J-Talk:

Heidi and Spencer have filed for a legal seperation-but is it just another publicity stunt?


Sandra Bullock wins the Generational Award at the MTV Movie Awards.

Don't go away, we have all this and more hot headlines here on J-Talk.

(Live Show:)

Hello everyone! Welcome to today's exciting edition of J-Talk. I'm your host, Jessica Kutok. Now today, I have a fascinating show for you viewers out there... We have some scandalous stuff for you guys as well as some heartfelt news and don't forget about our always exciting "Celebrity Seconds" section of the show-where I will give you short pieces of information on all things Hollywood!!

Now to start off, I'd really like to talk about the always exciting-always scandalous--Heidi and Spencer Pratt. Now for all you "Hills" fans out there, you probably noticed that Heidi and Spencer seem to have disappeared from the show for the past few episodes. More on that in just a minute but first-according to US Magazine, Heidi has actually filed for a legal seperation from Spencer and will alledgely be moving in with a member from the show's earlier seasons- Jen Bunny. Although, you have to wonder-is this just another publicity stunt to get their faces back on the Hills after being isolated from the show's infamous cast and back into the limelight? Unfortunately, there is no real way of knowing...but I guess time will be the one to answer that question for us.

Moving onto the MTV Movie Awards-Sandra Bullock took home this year's Generational Award-for her amazing movies, great role model status, and her overall courage and strength she must face in her everyday life. Having recently found out that her husband was having an affair, Sandra Bullock remains stable and grateful for the good things that have happened in her life-including her adopted child that was recently brought out into the public for the first time as well as her successful movie career. I think it's safe to say that Sandra Bullock definitely deserved the Generational Award along with great role model status for anyone facing difficult times in their lives.

And that's all for today's major headlines and now we're going to look at Celebrity Seconds.

According to Us Magazine, Glee's Lea Michele apparently acts like she is better than the rest of the cast-much like her character on the Fox hit show. Given her former Broadway background-an insider says, "But the thing is-she legitimately is."

It seems that Kelly Preston and John Travolta are more than happy about their recent pregnancy news-admitting that ever since their late son, Jett, died of a seizure. It was revealed that the celebrity couple was surprised even though they had been trying for a baby.

After only a few short weeks of wearing a "SCRAM" anklet after more legal issues involving drugs and alcohol, Lindsay Lohan's anklet alledgely shut off. The judge will need to contact the SCRAM company to check in on her blood alcohol level during this time or if it was just a simple malfunction of the bracelet.

And that is all the time I have for you today on J-Talk. Join me next time for more hot headlines.

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