June 23, 2010

Is It Crazy For Me To Want It To Work Out?

For the first time in months or perhaps even in a couple of years, I am finally beginning to feel like myself again!

I'm sure many of my closest friends or even mere aquaintances probably are wondering, "Did she ever change?" ...But yes, deep inside myself, somewhere, I did change. I was losing interest in all of little things that once made me content with life. For example: Going to the movie store and picking myself out something to watch. And then of course, later than night watching the film all by myself while eating food and drinking pop. Another example would be sitting on the computer watching movie trailers or going on IMDB.com.

...I know these things don't seem like much to some people and I wouldn't even consider these things that much to me. But they are little interests that would add up to make me happy. Of course, these are just a couple of examples.

What I am trying to say is that over the past couple of years, something inside of me changed. I wasn't the same person anymore and kind of just lost my interest in everything as a whole. Maybe it's because I felt stuck in a life that I didn't want?

I'm not too sure what the answer is...but I do know, that lately I've been wanting to do more things that once made me happy. Big and little things. Whether that means watching movies by myself or spending more time with my friends and family.

Dare I say it? I finally feel happy and in a place where I think I finally belong. And who knows what my future holds for me? It seems as if everything is changing but still kind of staying the same.

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