September 7, 2010

4 Things I'm not Grateful for-It's only 10am.

1. Calling Dr. Turner's office to confirm 2 days before my appointment. They told me this about 6 months ago. The receptionist was extremely unpleasant. I won't get into it because it will aggravate me all over again.

2. My favorite blogger deleted me off of her stalked list. What reason is there to blog anymore?! I know I'm just being over dramatic but I was so excited about a week ago seeing that I was on that list in the first place! Perhaps I need to blog more? I contradict myself.

3. It's POURING rain outside. The leaves are changing. Summer is ending.

4. I had to cancel my first shoot-again!-because of the rain.

My step-mom was laughing because it was 7:45 in the morning and I was in a fantastic mood. It is now 9:44am and already I can name 4 things that have gone wrong.
I blame the rain.

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