September 7, 2010

Future Pondering

I sometimes wonder what is going to happen after my temporary job (insert sad face) is completed.
Of course-I wish it was permanent. I love what I'm doing. For the first time ever, I look forward to going to work. But, alas, it's not. Although, you never know what could change in the meantime...7 months is a long time.

But-what comes after? If there are no job openings in the station, I'm back to square one. But with no job. Do I pick up my stuff and move to another city? I think my experience working with clients, professional writing, etc. might boost my chances of getting hired in a larger market. So, is that what I do? Just pick up and go? Serve tables until the media decides to hire me? Live in a bachelor sized apartment in a grungy Toronto area? Do I live in a small town with the high hopes of getting hired by them? And what happens if no one hires me?

These are all questions that I will sit here and ponder until March.

I consider myself extremely lucky that I have this Creative Writer job. So lucky.

I'll take all the experience I can get.

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