September 30, 2010

My Birthday List

Do you still get gifts at 21?
I’m not sure what to ask for this year for my Birthday.
For some reason, there is nothing I can think of that I really want.

-Box Sets-I suppose. The Hills, Desperate Housewives, 90210 Season 1.
That would be fun.
-Gift Certificates are always good too. Cards to the mall would be nice considering I need infinite work clothes. For some reason I have a feeling that “want” won’t ever change. Restaurants and Chapters would also be much appreciated. I love going out for dinner and I also enjoy reading.
-A new bed set for my bed at my Mom’s. Including new pillows. I don’t like the pillows there, they hurt my neck.
-Maybe the new Sims Expansion Packs and Stuff packs. But I probably won’t play with them often as I don’t often play video games anymore. **Note my Kingdom Hearts obsession from earlier on this month (I got stuck and now I’ve completely disowned it). I think I’d be very sad if I knew that I grew out of video games because I do honestly love them.
-A certain DVD edited together from my LAST birthday. :(
-Jewelry: Like a simple necklace or nice studs to wear to work.
-Get Him to the Greek.
-An XBOX 360. :)
-A Gift Card for a Massage or a Mani/Pedi. That would be nice.
-But all I really want is for my friends to come to my birthday party and to have a nice dinner with my family on both sides. I know that’s kinda cheesy but that’s what I want, that’s what would make me happy.

…Gifts would still be nice though. So much for not knowing what I want.

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Quincy said...

aww jess, I wish I could be there to dance up your birthday party with style!!!

Miss you lots