April 23, 2010

Excuse My Numerous Posts... I'm passing the time.

**I remember the first time I tasted Lipton Green Tea (and we’re talking the cold beverage here). It was when I was probably about 16 years old… I was never a citrus fan but for some reason the taste of this beverage was heaven on my tongue. Now, I discovered the little fridge in some guy’s office where we can freely take whatever we want, and behold! Lipton Green Tea! Deeeelish! Lipton Green Tea, we meet again!

**Vampire Diaries! When the summer begins, I might go through a “seasonal depression” until the Fall when VD makes its way back into my life. Never before has a show captivated my interest as much as this one. Never before has a show made me feel excited, nervous, happy, sad and warm all at the same time! Never before have I seen a show so intense! AND never before have I seen the most beautiful people all on one show…It’s…intimidating. I LOVE it!!!!!

**Oh, Iphone, how I love you. I never used to like cell phones. I used to have an old Sony Ericsson and I hated it. Whenever someone would text me, I’d rarely text them back. I would never have my phone with me so I would always miss my calls. Now I bring my Iphone everywhere. I can’t get enough of it!

**Go green! Buy an aluminum water bottle! Even though the water does tend to taste like…well…aluminum, you are saving the EARTH! And, you can get them in pretty colours and designs. ***My placement doesn’t recycle and you wouldn’t believe how much bottles and paper this company goes through! It’s crazy!!!! Buy an aluminum water bottle and e-mail—don’t print!!!

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