April 21, 2010

Metal Skin.

No matter where you live, there is a large variety of places to go for a meal. Let’s face it. A good chunk of our time is spent eating-whether that is in our own homes, out in a restaurant, or in a fast-food joint. It seems that every time we eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner-in or out-we critique it. With so many different genres of food (Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Canadian etc.) there are endless options. For most people, going out for dinner is a social affair-to experience a meal that you don’t cook for yourself (unless of course you are at a trendy “grill it yourself” restaurant) and in general, have an enjoyable experience. In the restaurant industry, customers arrive expecting the best possible experience from their servers and their food. Obviously, this can sometimes be an impossible task. Servers are not robots. They are human. So why are there certain customers that just don’t seem to understand this? Customers come in a restaurant demanding outstanding service from their servers and if they don’t get 100% perfection, they show signs of disappointment-or worse-anger. And, alas, who gets the final blow? The servers. Half the time, it isn’t even the server’s fault that, say, there was bacon put on the plate instead of ham, or there was a hair in the chicken. Sometimes, it’s the cook that makes the mistake, but they get to hide out in the back. Or a good quarter of the time, it’s the customer’s fault-that they accidentally ordered the wrong thing. Servers know this, but there they are-smiling and offering free dessert. The whole point of going to a restaurant is to enjoy your experience, to have a good time…not make a College Student cry over bacon. I give props to all of those who are servers-they are the toughest kinds of people I know. They answer to orders like they are servants, smile and nod when a customer is unhappy, and are understanding and sympathetic. So be kind to your servers-remember that they are trying to make their way through school or just life in general. Remember that servers are not robots-they are people…people with metal skin.

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