April 21, 2010

Tupperware and Mops

I happen to be hair illiterate. I don’t know how to curl or braid nor do anything fun to my hair whatsoever. I have this friend who will always do my styling for me so when we go out, my hair looks half decent and not just a mop sitting on the top of my head. She’ll pull and yank and I find myself yelping at the tugs. She responds with “Beauty is Pain”.
If beauty is pain, and I can’t even handle the pulling of hair strands, how do people like Heidi Montag, Meg Ryan and numerous other celebrities receive loads of painful plastic surgeries in order to look, well, worse?
As most people know, but for those who don’t, Heidi Montag (The Hills) recently had TEN surgeries in order to look her best. Excuse me?! Ten surgeries? Oh. And that was at the same time! How do you smile? How do you sit? How do you even move?! That must have been one painful day…and she doesn’t even look good. She was such a pretty, down to earth girl when she was first introduced on The Hills. Now she looks like “Triple E Barbie”.
I can understand wanting to change a certain aspect of your appearance if your entire life you were insecure about your large nose that always stuck out of your face…your A-Cup when all of your friends had C’s or D’s…or get liposuction because every time your girlfriends were exchanging clothes you couldn’t because you didn’t fit into their Small’s or Medium’s. I get why if you had the chance to change something… you would; because if you hated something so much about yourself, you would finally be able to sigh in relief at your new confidence.
But why ten different surgeries? Why announce it to the world that you hate yourself that much that you go and change ten different things about your body? I’m curious if Heidi realizes that everyone thinks that she looked better before her very first surgery. But I guess if it makes her feel more confident and better about herself, then what are we all gossiping for…right?
Regardless…If beauty really is pain and the end result has you looking like you are a piece of Tupperware...I’ll take my mop hair any day of the week!

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