July 11, 2011

Me and John?

I don't know why...but this picture reminds me so much of John and myself.
Maybe it's because I'm such a cling-on/koala bear and he's sort of a...rebel (compared to me, anyway).
I don't know... I just love this picture. Along with many other old Hollywood pictures.

p.s. what's with the random on the left?


Suzzie V said...

haha. This is super cute! Are they kissing with their eyes open or are their faces just scrunched together. Either way, cute.

Jessica said...

Their eyes are open... I'm not too sure what is happening in this scene because I've never seen the movie...but I love the pic!

The Selective One said...

Or maybe is it because John is looking off at the other dude in the picture while kissing you...and that other dude could very well be Joe or Gilles??? Hahaha sorry, had to. xo

The Selective One said...

p.s. "The Selective One" omg...is a blog that I opened one day and never actually wrote anything on. Forgot all about it, and didn't realize that it would show up that way. FYI this is Jamie (John's sis). Maybe I'll start blogging what I was planning on blogging...hhhmmm